New songs for bees title card

Mike and stuck in sound are good and No ones saying they don’t slap cause they do

But maybe time to bring more in


Slaps no one can deny

And finally for our Aussie friends, their national anthem

Also this song when evac arrives

As it actually shows the links here’s links to current title tracks

Sorry but, we are trying to move away from using copyrighted music to ensure we don’t get any legal issues.

Straight bitch move qwerty straight bitch move
I pay my shekels fight them in court, robust the lawyers

Hire a mariachi band to make music

what? when did we decide that?

The songs they slap doe?

Buttercup easily matches other bee songs

You want some royalty free(?) music for the lobby?

I gotchu fam

Kulor - My First LSDJ (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) Basically just give credit

TheFatRat uploads all his open source tracks here

Grumpy Shark - Queen of Space (Non-commercial licence)

in love with a ghost - welcome at qwerty and azerty’s house (Artist is fine so long as we don’t rap over it)

Artificial Intelligence Bomb (Zackery Wilson Remix) (Only asks credit is given for songs uploaded to his channel)

how’s that working out?

congrats, his legacy remains

yeah when

the wrestler one and then the last 2 would work well

I would love to see this one

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that sounds pretty cool but it’s wayyy too long probably

usually our title songs ends in 3 minutes from start, and if we cut this one to 3, it would be perfect.

ah cool 202020ouftygihuoji

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