New quirk ideas

Some people (including me) would want to see more quirks in game. You can post your ideas here in a format simlar to this:

Quirk: Fanatic runner
Cost: 0 points
Description: You love running and the only way you can move is to run. You can’t walk, but you run 10% faster than others. Also when slipped you fly further.

and another one

Quirk: Joker
Cost: 0 points
Description: you laugh randomly and can’t control it.

and another one

Quirk: Underpaid
Cost: +2
Description: you get only 40% of your normal pay.

Feel free to post your ideas


tbh fanatic runner would be like -2 i bet

Extra quirks eh, how do these sound?:

Quirk: pAI enthusiast
Cost: -1 points
Description: Spawn in with an inactive pAI in your backpack!

Quirk : Waddle
Cost : 0 points
Description : You waddle just like how someone would in the clown’s mk2 combat shoes, haha not stealing this from hippie or anything

Quirk : Efficient
Cost : -2 points
Description : your ‘doing something’ bar "Doing surgery on dudes, wrenching stuff down, that sorta stuff"takes 20% less time to finish than usual!

Quirk :Sudden Compulsions
Cost : +1
Description : Periodically gain the desire to accomplish random compulsions, success will result in a positive mood boost whilst failure to complete em in time will lead to a heavy mood debuff!

Extra Description: Thinking of having the ‘compulsions’ occour about every ten to fifteen minutes & just be minor actions such as hugging X amount of people, getting drunk, slapping lizardmen, talk about carps, etc.

Last one before I head off for bed.

Quirk: Animal Affinity
Cost : -4 points
Description : Gain a one use spell that’ll let you turn any animal into a sentient servant!

Edit: huh I guess sleep can wait a bit longer!

Quirk: Evil twin
Cost : +2 points
Description once per round, a doppelganger will randomly Spawn in with the same gear you have and will be given three minutes to hunt you down before they vanish. They’ll have a tracker leading straight to you, dying while the twin exists will allow them to assume control over your character!


Quirk: Bombastic Attitude
Cost: -2 Points
Description: You take 10% less explosive damage, and cannot be gibbed by explosive damage.

Quirk: Accident Prone
Cost: 2 Point
Description: Even while wearing appropiate footwear you still slip on slipper surfaces. You are unable to get up while still on a slippery surface. You also have a chance of electrocuting yourself when doing simple tasks with electronics.

Quirk: Scottish Heritage
Cost: 0 Points
Description: You start the round with a kilt, beret, a box of beer, and an eyepatch. You also start out drunk as fuck (not enough to need the medbay though :cowboy_hat_face:).


Bombs no longer gib IIRC

What dumb bitch remove bomb gib

I want to point out that fanatic runner isn’t really bad, since walking is rarely an issue. Joker sounds like it should actually give you a point, since it makes hiding hard.

Also, the evil twin sounds more like it should be an antagonist (an awesome one at that, would be fun on both LRP and MRP) than a trait.

I personally really liked the stowaway trait I saw on one server, where you spawned without an ID or a crew manifest, but I don’t know how well that would work on this server.

I’m pretty sure bombs can still gib, but it’s easier to resist it.

Quirk: Pyromaniac
Cost: -2 Points
Description: You just want to see world burn, get lower mod when station isnt a burning shithole

Quirk: Masochist
Cost: 0
Description: get slight mood buff when someone punches you


bombs still gib i got destroyed by bomb like day ago

Buff -2 - fireman carry and dragging slowdowns are reduced


Quirk: Dreamer’s Sanctum
Cost: -1
Description: Sleeping gives a mood boost of 2 levels, while temporarily slowing the character after waking up.

Quirk: Bravery of Ignorance
Cost: -4
Description: No penalties from injuries prior to being crit. Will become unconscious after reaching crit as usual. Limb damage only takes effect once the limb is disabled.

Quirk: Anorexic
Cost: 2
Description: You can only eat 3 actions worth of food (making you unable to fully eat a lot of things basically) per 10 minute period. Any more and you gain a moodlet debuff, alongside throwing up.

Quirk: Heritage
Cost: -3
Description: You start out with extra space cash in your box, and have a random accent.


Technically not a perk idea, but I think they should remove the “you are unable to speak” thing from the nervous trait. It’s obnoxious and tedious, since it’s fairly common and lasts a long time. The stammering is enough, in my opinion.


I think bravery of ignorance actually exists. It’s a brain trauma though, and It might actually let you stand until hard crit.

It’s called Tenacity. I was thinking about it while I typed the quirk.

I think it would be a bit too powerful as a trait, personally.

Minor obsession +2 points
At the start of every round, you get a minor obsession over someone(this could be random, or you choose from the people on the crew manifest at the very start of the round.) You get a negative moodlet whenever your away from that person, and a positive one when your with them. Maybe, you could also get some of the obsession objectives like hugging them 5 times or taking a picture of them.


quirk: Enhanced Vocalcords
cost: 0
Description: Spawn with one of the genetic mutations that changes your voice. Rare chance to speak in comic sans and rattle. Extremely rare chance to speak like you’re using the clown’s megaphone or as a bananium golem, big pink text and everything.


what about obsession, but it can happen for items too, for example if you dont steal that item for longer period of time you get huge mod debuff

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Kleptomancy -4 points
You have urge to steal things around you, you cannot control it.
You instantly steal things from pockets, but its random, dont get into trouble !