New law in spesslaw/moving resisting arrest in spesslaw

Basically add battery as a minor law and put it in spot 101 whilst resisting arrest gets put in 108. Basically so that security can stop giving you 5 minutes for pushing you because “ASSAULT ON AN OFFICER!!”


fran is reworking spesslaw already i would ping him but fuck that you do it

either way good idea

Or… just dont push officers?

Sometimes they stand in fucking doorways and gun you down for grabbing them so yeah pushed

Did you know you can fit though people by laying down?

I did know that. Did sec know that they’re standing in a doorway like a fucking idiot?

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respect the police state bruh

I feel like it should be known by now that I don’t respect police states at all

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then mine for us laborer

Being an annoying ass and blocking a door is just some smart 4d chess sec tactic to lure out all traitors and shitters