New ERT/deathsquard type: Predators (aka anti-xeno ERT)

pretty much just a deathsquad with predator gear

what it is

a new race (predator) they are just buff big humans who cant use non-predator weapon and are immune to certain beno stuns, and cannot breathe normal air for too long (they breathe nitrogen if I renember correctly) unless they wear a mask

stuff they can use are

  • that invisibility thing
  • that plasma gun thing
  • wristblade
  • giant explosion on death

yeah I guess that’s it, maybe some more stuff


Hydraulic arm blade reskin, x-ray laser gun or other advanced weaponry that you have to reaearch, plasma cutter, macro bomb implant. Boom, bada bing bada boom ya got predators. You’d need to code breathing n2 and a new race though, kinda sounds shitty when you can just make nice clothes or say we found the stuff on some nice alien planet

AvP gamemode when!!!

reference for the sake of reference is bad

It has a reasoning though- none of the ERT except deathsquad is really capable against Xenos whatsoever. Engi ert can’t repair when acid is getting shot, med ert can’t heal when everyone is exploding, maybe if we made it a little flexible with uses here, like it’s for benos and spiders it would be better

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We have the inqusitor ERTs for a reason.

I don’t see it listed on the wiki, and I’m not the type to code dive, what do they have?

Normal ERTs but with a focus on melee via chainswords and high quality power armour. Basically spess marines from Warhammer 40k.