New changeling abilities

Capsican sting: A sting laced with a chemical that boils the victim’s blood, less effective at slowing, but better at overall damage.

Acid spit: Spit some acid at someone, melting headgear, if they don’t have any headgear, inflict severe burn damage, and make them unknown, requiring plastic surgery to restore their face

Glare: The changeling’s eyes emit a blinding light, flashing someone, does not work on people with sunglasses, obvious to nearby people.

Sticky saliva: The changeling spits a wad of “Glue” On the ground when a victim steps in it, they get stuck and have to resist for 15 seconds to break free.

Mutation sting: Store Mutations from genetics, Extract either from people with mutations or yourselff, Inject people with these mutations, yes, transformation sting exists but its less obvious as there is a 10 second delay before mutations manifest

capsican sting
cryo sting is already beyond OP, and hard to heal through without coffee. no
acid spit
way too goddamn powerful, and lings are not xenos. no
why not just grab a flash ? if you’re gonna blow your antag cover, do it by breaking into robotics or hunt maints, don’t waste points on this
sticky saliva
so, bolas that activate upon walking on one tile and last longer than any other while being more powerful than even reinforced bola?
mutation sting
useless, except for just monkeyfying people, and that’s just grief. there’s a reason the dna syringe gun costs 14 tcs. making it nearly untrackable is beyond no good too

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Mutation storage is 100% unneeded.

Sticky saliva is more of a spiderling ability than changeling.

Glare is OK i guess but i personally dont like how unoriginal it is.

Acid spit is making changelings too powerful, they dont need a damn ranged attack now, also why are you obsessed with brain damage?!

Capsian sting might be the only ability worthy adding but definitely breaks balance of changelings.

Agree with howluinb, very very unbalanced abilities, i already talked with Autisme about my own ability i wanted to add which is essentially just an item storage in your stomach via (vore) mouth.