New Beecoin sinks, need opinions

The zoot suit ! I’m pretty sure it’s in the code somewhere, a purple suit with a hat.

I AGREEEE but I’ve got no other option, there still are a few people who really want them. I dont really get why, but they are entitled to their opinion and i respect it.

Remove them or make them fully useless outside of pointless flexing and unlock the beecoin shop.

Preferably the former from reports of people running the nofunzone for free coins

More beecoins should be awarded based on time played and crew objectives, make them used for job unlocks so new players have to buy jobs and features like TTV interaction similar to characters in MOBAs. This will incentivize account retention and discourage making new accounts to ban evade. Account playtime will suddenly have value and people would be encouraged to behave for a longer time if they just wanted to repeat their grief cycle.

god no :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

you may wanna check if its space proof, as the actual pirate clothes are pressure proof

The Chicken jacket and head. I know you can get it from the theatre drobe, but style shouldn’t require I break into the theatre to have.

the chicken jacket/head that’s a reference to hotline Miami is a donor item

Since the medkit resprite got merged in, I left an item that it exists, but it’s for all intents and purposes unobtainable as for now, which is the Doctor’s bag, as a replacement for the normal First surgery kit.

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carp suit when?

Easiest way to get the costume is ask the Clown as they have a vendor and usually happy to let someone have it.

It is also in one of the Syndie Boxes. Full loadout for the dead body Cargo event. Contains buzz grenades, a gun that fires bees and a bee virus, to load the gun with.

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