New Antag/Sentient Virus Re-work: "Typhoid Mary"

So the base idea is that you are a round start “Typhoid Mary” You have a disease and can pass it to others but you are immune to it’s effects.

At first I was thinking of it as being a way to have a round start Zombie, with people starting with bitemarks on them, that have a timer before they turn into a zombie. But someone reminded about Sentient Virus. Got me thinking that having a sentient virus that is a crew member could be interesting. They would need to interact with people to spread it. Which would let them upgrade the virus, so while med deals with one virus, Mary is creating another to spread. Maybe Mary wouldn’t show a virus in health hubs/scans but only extrapolator? Med and Sec would need to work together to track down Mary and isolate from the rest of the crew. How to isolate would be up to Command/Sec.

What do you think? What changes/improvements could make this work?


god… i like the idea but i hate how virology works :confused:
the fewer viruses we have to deal with, the happier i am.
No round i can remember was made better by the presence of a virus.


Instead of having the person be the virus, separate the two and ally them, with telepathy comms. The person only gets positive virus stuff and the virus can’t be cured in them. The virus can mutate as long as the host is alive. Both have the objective to infect everyone.

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