Neogamer:Crusader bullying me reeeeee

Discord ID:
Admin Discord ID:
Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason:

Additional Information: neogamer getting bullied online, bro just turn off your screen like bro really

@mommi remind 1m neogamer why so mad

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based post
unban he plz

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You got banned for literally bypassing the fact I blocked you on discord and pinging me using the bot, and then instantly fuckin try to appeal? Yeah no atleast stay banned for a few days, and I am glad I -1ed your mentor app way fuckin more than I did earlier.

jeez bro thats kinda cringe

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Bitter much? Petty and vindictive

Not admin material

Also image

And the bot worked did it? Based


Theres this wonderful thing called rules, you broke rule one, so you got banned for it. You literally have no real evidence of a reason to get unbanned other than your obvious shitposting, which honestly doesn’t mean your getting unbanned at all unless someone feels any pity for you other than your other buddies who like shitposting too. In general, you make bee more toxic and generally worse, so, stay banned.

Talk like your a admin already

Your too sensitive just admit it paperskin

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I’m the banning admin. I personally don’t want to. I have to wait for other opinions due to council rulings, but unless anyone objects I’m denying this

No surprise there bass coming to try to fuck me in ass

Admit you fancy me

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Denied. Appeal at a later date.