Nekko10 banned by toxici

CKEY: Nekko10

Admin’s CKEY: I don’t even remember him so no idea

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Golden lp

Ban Type: Perma

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019 07 22

Round ID: 5691

Ban Reason: Mingery overall.

Appeal Reason: I didn’t do 90% of the things that he claimed and it’s been a long time and I promise to better my behavior in this community.

Additional Information:


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well the thing is before that ban I had a long fight with toxici quite on a lot of things even before he got admin. When he got admin he kept bothering me, insulting me and the things he claims are not true.

for example one of his ban reason was that I attacked someone but in reality it was actually me defending myself. I was just checking the forums and I found out that he was banned for banning someone for disliking them. I think it’s evident what kind of person he is and I’m not going to deny that I did quite a bit mingery and trolling but it was nowhere close to where he claimed or said. He was just very biased against me.

You know he was banned BY someone that disliked him, right?

He never got banned for abusing his powers.

Also, furthermore;

  • Not stating your actually ban reason
  • Few but serious notes.
  • I trust/trusted Toxic as an admin, and Deb didn’t swing the ban hammer on that stuff fast. Let alone when it came to a Trialmin handling a ticket.

Big fat no for me.

That’s a pretty serious accusation there. I don’t suppose you have any proof to back up those claims? You’re welcome to send them to either me or Rue privately as well. You don’t have to publicly post the proof here.

I’m not stating my ban reason because there were so many things claimed and I didn’t even remember his name till I checked it. I just remember trolling a lot as a clown which was very valid, not enough to perma but valid.

Also I don’t understand how you can trust him when he’s lied about so many things. He literally claimed that I admitted to trolling with a friend when it was him accusing me and me sarcastically repeating him. I even stated that I was being sarcastic and mocking him in the voice chat but he straight out ignored it and claimed that because of his ulterior motives.

I really want you to give me a chance.

I go back to my prior post. The burden of proof is on you for that.

As it stands I don’t see this appeal being accepted.

This post is major sus cause it’s all in VC allegedly.

I don’t know who or what to trust here. Unless something substantial is dug up for either side I’m remaining indifferent.

Can’t detect sarcasm in voice.
Voice does not have logs.

This is why me and most admins constantly vouch against stuff in VCs.

Do you have anything besides VC stuff that could prove that Toxic did constantly target you?

well I remember there being a whole log of that day I was banned but I have no idea how to get there. If someone can actually find it and show it here, it would show that I did nothing but push people and make people drop. That’s all I’m guilty of.

I mean i don’t have any proof and I don’t want to turn this into a toxic bad person man. I just want to get unbanned because I literally didn’t do anything major to get permad.

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what do you want me to say? I don’t want to turn this appeal against him since I don’t care what happens to him and afaik he’s already banned no?

I’m just trying to say he was very biased against me and he banned me over stuff that I didn’t do. I admit to doing mingy things like pushing people and putting people in trash bins but I never attacked or killed anyone without a reason.

You’re asking me for proof yet there’s no proof of me killing or attacking people like he claimed at the time. And I highly doubt pushing and putting people in trash bins is worthy of perma.

also I want to state that in my time in this community I was very toxic due to me not understanding the rules because I was new and I was very childish and rude to the members which is why I believe deb authorized this ban and I totally understand that and I do apologize for that and if given chance I promise to better my behavior and be a better member of the community.

but I swear to god I have never broken any rules intentionally that were major such as killing people without a reason and other major rules.

this whole affair looks like it’s gone a bit pear shaped if you ask me

for which side, should seem obvious

Just to see if you are the Nekko I believe you are

What is your discord username? I do recall a Nekko which I personally did not get along with back when I was a trial admin (Me and Toxic were trialmeme buddies) that was controversial to say the least.

I’m asking this out of curiosity since I suddenly got a weird nostalgia feeling.

Whichever the case, as much as I sympathize with you, you did went from accussing Toxic with a possible/somewhat believable bias against you, you quickly withdrew and went full “Well he lied about this and that, how could you trust him?!”

I’ll stay neutral, and let other admins decide. Though the lack of answers will 99% sure drive most towards the “no unban” side.

I’m sorry.

oh I personally don’t remember you but in my stay in the server I had a lot of beef with a lot of players hence why I apologized for my childish and rude behavior. I did not understand the rules at the time and I kept losing everything in the game which led me to be really angry and hostile towards the admins but I promise not to repeat the same mistakes. Honestly, looking back I feel ashamed of my behavior.

also I do realize I’m not capable of giving answers and proof but that solely relies on most of the stuff going on in voice chat, and the fact that I don’t have any logs. And It’s my bad for turning this thread into “he’s biased against me.” I still believe he was but I still did quite a lot of bad things in the server and I just want to be given a second chance. I was very new in the server and I think most of you can relate how hard and stressful this game can be towards new players.


Council spoke. Council decided your fate.

Unban on thin ice.

I usually don’t speak by everyone, but they are giving you one more chance and the benefit of the doubt, both yours and mine.

Any small fuck up can be treated as a medium size one.
And any medium size one can be grounds for slapping you out once more.

'mkay? Read the rules, read the Council Rulings if you haven’t already, and try not to break stuff.

Welcome back.

Thank you so much and I promise you, you won’t regret it. Also do I have to make an unban request on discord too?

Gimme your discord user. If the ban reason is not something like “posted gore nsfw of Winnie The Pooh in serious discussion” or something, I’ll lift it.