Neeti-Taeed Player report (unknown Ckey)

In-game report:

CKEY: Acronad

Your Discord:Acronad

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Neeti-Taeed

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09-15-2022

Round Number: 40404

Rules Broken: maybe 6, no ERP - 12, head of staff conduct

Incident Description: I was playing Sec this round and near the end of the round the captain joins, shortly after they join the shuttle is called. While the shuttle is arriving I find a felinid player with no clothes on (related to earlier in the round) at which point I took her off to medical to get her some clothes and check on her. when I got into medical with her the captain then saw her, grabbed her from me, and ran as fast as he could away. When I asked him about it on comms his response was “Ssshe is in a very funny sssituation now”. I pushed him to get some clothes for her and he would not. I eventually found her on the escape shuttle still unclothed, when I then just put my sec hardsuit on her and went about the end.

Additional Information: I ahelped this in round, I think spookye was the one who picked it up (or something along that name) but the round ended without the ticket ever being closed or me hearing back that it was handled


Yeah, I was in this round too as HoP. I ahelped it too as I found the joke to be overextended, but the round ended without the ticket being closed.

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Little addition: i made a comment in game about “if i find her unclothed i will report this to CC to have you demoted” or something, this was meant an IC threat not a threat to report, but i realized it probably sounded like a threat to report it


oh i was on this round too as detective, she refused to take on clothes when we prisoned her she was a traitor, to be honest i was also joking a little when i said “looking good” i dont think though anyone did ERP it was mostly joking cuz a naked felinid running around with red bikini and like said she refused the clothes at brigg we tried

No this is good roleplay in my eyes since a captain shouldnt do such unhonorable acts

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Yes i remember,i got permission to enter the cell by the Warden to put clothes on her then too, the captain taking her off while she was SSD and making the comment he did is my big concern here

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Also, to clarify: I added ERP due to what the comment from captain seemed to imply, “Ssshe is in a very funny sssituation now”


Investigating this was quite a trip and a half.
From what I can tell captain was dragging around an unclothed SSD felinid with them for no good reason outside of “ooga” and “this will be funny”. I’m going to assume the intention was provocative ERP implication, but I haven’t found any actual ERP.
Has been given a 5d command restriction due to this uncommandly behavior.