NDHavch1k banned by St0rmC4st3r

CKEY: NDHavch1k

Admin’s CKEY: St0rmC4st3r

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both i suppose

Ban Type: Game Ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 02/29/2020

Round ID: 12993

Ban Reason: “Proven metacomm” with TottalyNotC

Appeal Reason: I don’t see how helping greytiders i know is metacomming, i’m using in-game comms (mostly PDA messages for obv reasons). I mean it surely is suspicious that i help him/a bunch of other ppl when i see them in trouble but i do help them cuz they’re cool n good.

Additional Information: I also would like to hear that stupid “proof” of mentioned metacomming from the staff.

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Here TottalyNotC is fighting the interns:
[2020-02-29 10:45:51.500] ATTACK: TottalyNotC/(Tiananmen Square Massacre) has thrown the flashbang (Medbay Central (102, 109, 2))
Here he comments how he flashbanged himself and the interns arrested him:
[2020-02-29 10:46:33.819] TCOMMS: TottalyNotC/(Tiananmen Square Massacre) [Common] “CRINGE.” (language: Galactic Common) (Central Primary Hallway (91, 115, 2))
And here suddenly you come in, just 7 minutes after your buddy was arrested.
[2020-02-29 10:53:46.772] TCOMMS: The пїЅAutomated Announcement System [Common] (spans: robot ) “Ivan Popov has signed up as Assistant” (language: Galactic Common) (Telecomms Control Room (211, 131, 2))

And on top of that, both of you already were on a watchlist for suspected metacomming.
You went from arrivals straight to the evac, you only said “sex bro…” when you came to the shuttle, and nothing else. Then the interns informed you that he was a criminal and then you tried to free him without saying a word.

I would consider bad timing if it has not happened juuuust after the arrest and if you haven’t had prior metacomm suspicion.

First of all, it was ~2 minutes till ETD when i spawned in so naturally i have rushed to the shuttle where everything happened as you described. It was bad timing indeed, i cannot prove it otherwise. Like really, i just connected to get muh beecoins for escaping and then i saw this nword getting cucked by CentCom whom i assumed were just greytiders (didn’t notice the uniform or whatever, realized that only after getting killed with ghosthud) so i thought it wouldn’t hurt to help him out.

Just recalled that the Captain was also shooting those interns, it was a fucking mess.

Funny that it’s the EXACT same person you just decided to help out again and again and again.

If you wanted to escape with ETD 2:00 why not take the arrivals pod?

Interns also have a very distinct look. Greeny-blue with rifles isn’t really an easy to confuse uniform.

Because arrivals literally blew up, i rushed through space to departures.
Look, it was really a coincidence that he was also on that ship, i can’t fucking do anything about that.
Also, he is ONE of some others i may help out.
Do you honestly think that i would care to log in to just help him out? I couldn’t care less about him getting arrested over some shit bruh

Yes. Why not? Sounds believable.

Accidents happen, but you already were being noted for metacomming and other suspicious behavior, so your sudden log in to help your buddy out of the blue couldn’t be even stranger.

I can lower the ban, however after it expires you shall be under very close watch.

I mean not that i can prove anything anyway, nor you can prove anything, that “sudden log in to help” is merely a suspicion and coincidence.

How should i put this… Every round on LRP im running around the station looking for action/whatever cuz it do be boring on lowpop bruh, so sometimes i can stumble upon a person i know getting arrested/robusted/etc and since i know that person i may try to help it out.

You can consider that being ‘metafriends’ or whatever i don’t really care, i do what i want as long as it doesnt ruin the round for people and/or over escalate things/break the core rules. It just so happens that this fucker gets fucked a lot so i stumble upon him often being in trouble and so i help him. Maybe im so lucky to find him in trouble that much, i dunno.

And since that happens a lot, sometimes it may occur at the wrong place and at the wrong time as it happened on that round. Thats why it looks like i use metacoms with him to you i guess?

I suppose same applies to him, i mean afaik hes just a tider that does p much the same thing as i do.

The point is, youre overthinking this really, its as simple as that.

If even this didnt convince you then i would like to hear a Headmin’s opinion on this since this is just ridiculous.

You’ve been reported numerous times for “showing up coincidentally”.
You can play with your buddy.
You can even metacomm with your buddy.
But you cannot greytide others AND metacomm with your buddy. The line is drawn when you start affecting other players.

Wait, bruv, pretty sure mettacoming bad so… your wrong, check the rules fuul

The whole point of that message is that I’m not metacomming at all bruh

Who is going to realistically know if you’re on comms doing fusion or erping in lava land? No one. And no one is going to care. People care here because they hop on LRP, steal AA and the armory, then run the station like they’re the cap and hos

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Fuck are you on about, how is this related to my appeal?

Because this is the exact behavior that I have reported you for before

This is called powergaming and it’s not the subject of this appeal

Powergaming isn’t against LRP rules.

This really does look suspicious though. Although it falls on the banning admin, I’d urge for a reduction from perma in the off-chance that it was actually a coincidence.

You also misread it. They join as assistants and do this together and screech when anyone tries to stop them. One of them has a ban for wordlessly coming to kill me after I arrested the other for having AA and cap gear

Nah dude they hace telekinesis and Talk to each other trougth a link

That is amazingly stupid of them to do that. It leaves zero chance of plausible deniability.

I’m not much for perm bans but after reading this and seeing their behavior on here, I hope it sticks. This would be foolish to let such a person back in here.

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I don’t see anything bad in obtaining AA personally. The other guy got what he deserved, i never asked him to do anything about me being arrested on that shift, i have previously explained why he might have did that. I also don’t remember screeching over comms “when somebody tries to stop me”. Dont bring your metagrudge here, Shark-sie.

If you think i’m a shitter - take a look at my fucking notes, i literally have only ONE, and only one for a reason.