NaniByte noted by Not_a_Shark

CKEY: NaniByte

Ban Type: Note

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2022/3/29

Ban Reason: Setting an assistant on arrest for having insulated gloves.

Appeal Reason: Punishment and treatment is too harsh

Additional Information:

The Note

As a HOS, arrested an assistant pure on the grounds that they had Insulated Gloves. As a Head you must know your department SOP well and should try to adhere to it. The same goes for sec and space law. Youve been reminded of this now. We know being a hos can be stressfull, make sure youre able to handle it.

I’ll start by saying that indeed I should not have set the assistant to arrest. Though I just set him to arrest and didn’t arrest him as the note implies. Even if I did arrest him, I would have just searched him and taken away his insulated gloves. Once I checked SoP I said immediately that he should not be set to arrest. I said that to security and I said that to the admin. Later the same person, of course, committed multiple crimes so I got to take away his insulated gloves and tools anyway.

The line in the service SoP is: Assistants are not entitled to the possession of tools and/or insulated gloves, and if caught in a related crime such may be confiscated by Security.

I did remember the first part of that line, but not the second. From a logical point of view if you are not allowed to have something and you have it that is contraband . That is how this applies to all other forms of contraband and dangerous contraband. You don’t need to commit a crime with your e-sword for it to be considered contraband. This is not the case here.

I have not come to argue this. I just want you to understand my logic and that it’s not just me not knowing SoP or Space Law. Like I said, I agree I was wrong here. What I do have a problem is the way I was treated by the admins.

I have 35h as HoS and 12h as Captain. That is not 300 hours, but it’s not 3 hours. I have had no notes, bans or any sort of issue all this time. Yet this note is written like I am playing HoS for the first time in my life. The first admin before this has been delegated to not_a_shark (hello Milly) even said something along the lines of “you don’t know space law or sop”.

I just got bwoinked telling me I was not allowed to arrest him which I agreed with after I checked SoP. After that, about 10 minutes later, I got one from not_a_shark saying that they have “looked into it”. Not_a_shark in the final bwoink said something along the lines of “you won’t get job banned”. Job banned!? This makes me conclude that the admins didn’t take my side of the story properly into account. Indeed, I was not asked anything at all.

In conclusion, I was wrong here. I just don’t want to be treated like this every time I make a mistake in the byzantine nightmare that is SoP and Space Law. I’m fine with the note being here for a week or a month. But having it sit there, with three exclamation marks, like I executed an assistant for no reason and FOREVER is unfair. Especially since it’s not even accurate.

PS: remove the old ass net speak note as well

Obligatory: Notes are a form of record, not a punishment.

Probably because insulated gloves are not contraband.

Assistants are not prohibited from having tools/gloves, they simply aren’t entitled to them. It’s a pretty important distinction to make, especially as security.



Yea, what crossed said.

Notes are not punishments they just exsist so we dont forget what happend.
If an admin needs to lecture you about something, they’re going to record that they did so - otherwise it’d always be the “first time”

not entitled to own =/= forbiden from owning

and if caught in a related crime such may be confiscated by Security.

this means that if the gloves were stolen, say from engineering, you get to confiscate them along with arresting them for theft and BnE. But if say they go and buy them from the toolvendor - good for them, a okay. ICly, anyways.

Not knowing this is concerning for a security player, let alone an HOS.
The note stays.