Nancy druid player report R:42408

In-game report:

CKEY: SerMagma

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Notmegatron

Offender’s In-Game Name: Nancy Druid

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 01-25-2023

Round Number: 42408

Rules Broken: : You Must Roleplay, possibly No Powergaming

Incident Description: Asked to become the hos as a chef near round start (allegedly).
RP-wise, a chef has no combat experience and is a member of service, they have no reason to become the HOS and head straight into danger.

Additional Information: Knowing their history i wouldn’t be supprised if they did it just for the loot, powertrip and ability to use CQC in the kitchen (and possibly other areas if they got the blueprints, not sure if blueprints are even relevent but its nice to add)

From the powergaming rules:
Whether or not you do something should be based on whether or not it makes sense for your character to do it.
Normal crewmembers are not experienced soldiers. You should generally call for help, rather than intervening directly

they weren’t an antag, no. the cmo actually gave them the job, but they still allegedly asked for it.
there were already seccies too iirc. i saw atleast two in the round, and a warden. unsure if the warden late joined though.
this wouldn’t be that much of a problem if it wasn’t for their history and tendency to powergame at any opportunity they can.

Hello warden here yes I did join after the chef was made HoS because I did not feel like being one.

I will say though having worked with the chef/HoS although an unorthodox situation I feel they took the job seriously and were overall a decent HoS definitely not the worst I have seen. Also for what it is worth they claimed to ask for the job so they did not have to ask admins for a respawn.


The cook absolutely has combat experience and is probably the most dangerous crew member on the station, they literally know CQC ontop of knowing how to prepare dangerous space animals, such as bears, carp, and xenomorphs.


They had no reason to go out of their way and ask for HOS access from an IC perspective, they weren’t a part security.

A research director can move the immovable. Hard to top that.


Wait i got them confused with another player regarding their history, this dudes aint the felinid hos main i thought they were, i should start remembering IC names more

Plus, i’ve been observing and playing a few rounds with then in and honestly they’ve improved a ton from before their permaban. I dont see any reason to keep this open.

Can an admin close this please


Just wanna point out:

This stands for Close Quarters Cooking. It’s a play on the intense pressure and frantic maneuvering cooks pull when working around each other in cramped kitchens, especially line chefs. Cook knows the kitchen and how to maneuver around other people in it like nobody without kitchen experience would.

It’s a powerful joke ability, but still a joke ability at its core, not actual combat experience.


I meant to join as captain actually and I fat-fingered the join button. I was initially going to grab the spare and fax Central asking for a promotion to such, but when I saw the CMO’d already assumed acting captain and was manning the hopline I just asked for HOS. I thought that would be more engaging than rushing to cryo and begging admins for a respawn.

The captain asked me for a list of qualifications, which I provided.
Few things:

  • I noticed there were already security officers while I was thinking about trying to become the captain, and when I realized that was out, it slipped my mind and I just thought about the next most reasonable thing. My guess is, the captain also forgot, or didn’t notice.
  • In hindsight the funniest thing I could have done was use my new HOS access to fax central about the captain erroneously promoting a chef to head of security.
  • Sec was understandably hesitant, so I didn’t try to conceal l that I used to be chef and told them all to mutiny me if I was shit. If any of them had demanded they be HOS I would have ceded it because obviously, but they didn’t.

Seems everythings been settled here peacefully and the poster has requested this be closed

Closing as per posters request