Nagitoes banned by Kasual

CKEY: Nagitoes

Admin’s CKEY: Kasual*
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both*

Ban Type: Server*

Ban Length: Perma*

Ban Date (MM/DD/Y): 2/9/2019*

Round ID: 12274*

Ban Reason: Killed multiple players on the emergency shuttle as a non-antag*

Appeal Reason This ban was from 2019, today marks 2021, meaning there has been well over a year this ban has been held. I believe I am ready to engage with the server again properly.

When I started playing all my knowledge about SS13 was CM, now a days I embrace roleplay and enjoy cooperating with peers while being immerse in a Space Station duty.
Today I can play successfully all head positions even Captain with the only goal of fuelling the crew roleplay experience at the most of my capabilities. My experience and attitude have been enriched.
I personally apologize to the people I killed again and have before, at the time all the info I had in hand is that everyone was fighting and I should have gotten involved. Two years on I now understand the difference fully and want to engage with the server again in 2021 to make up for this mistake.
Thank you for your time, I hope we can play soon.

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Admin in question is no longer an admin so i’ll take this i guess - other admins can feel free to but in.

Have you played any other servers in all this time? If so, could you get a vouch from a reputable server?
If you can do that i dont see any issue at all to lift this after slightly over a year.

Hello I am moderator in the russian server SS220 Paradise. He plays Warden sometimes and does not break rules. Overall good player.

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Hi llol111, I have contacted a moderator from one of the Russian servers I role-play on frequently, I am a key member of the community there. I hope that this is sufficient.

I have cut back on SS13 as of late however I still do frequent SS220 Paradise and have recently returned from a break to play new servers.

Thank you for your time, I hope this can be resolved.

I know little about the russian servers so i’ll have to check with the other admins wether or not we consider this a reputable server.
If we do, then all shall be well, probbaly.

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Oh, I understand. Thank you! Please keep me updated on what the news is! :slight_smile:

Internal opinion seems to be a solid “eeeh”

But considering the sheer amount of time that has passed + vouch (if shakey)
we have decided to give you a chance, you will be unbanned shortly.

be sure to give our rules and policys a once over, its not 2019 anymore, and be sure to look out for the soon™ upcoming rules rework.

Hope you can be an enjoyable member of the community

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You should be able to connect now

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