Mynameajeff banned by ZodrakDovah

CKEY: Mynameajeff

Admin’s CKEY: ZodrakDovah

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both, for some reason?

Ban Type: Timed.

Ban Length: 5 days.

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10/10/2019

Round ID: 7830

Ban Reason: “Stabbing a guys eyes out for trespassing and cargo and being rude” or something of the sort.

Appeal Reason: First of all, my “history of bad notes” are from a fucking year or so ago, which gives them no relevance, this guy just wanted to ban me because I said he can’t speak english and I have no idea why he became an admin. I stabbed the guy like 5 times with a screwdriver which does 5~ brute, I made no lethal intent as he was just stealing shit off of me and from cargo, which the admin in question seems to have ignored completely. I have a big history on this server and I have no idea why you would possibly ban me for five days for committing a minor crime in space law ON AN LRP SERVER. He kept stretching the rules and saying it was against our self antagging rule saying “I can’t attack someone without a valid reason” and I told him that he was stealing shit from cargo and trespassing, stealing personally from me (the QM), being a nuisance and security wouldn’t do shit about him and my cargo techs fucking critted me afterwards for no reason because “I was attacking someone.” really shows the average I.Q. of people on the LRP server, I play the MRP server mostly but I found out today that I’m banned from there for stabbing a guy like 5 times which didn’t even put him in damage slow.

Additional Information: My history of bad notes is irrelevant as my bad notes are from a year~ ago. And it’s a MAJOR stretch to say that the rules are meant to be taken literally, I don’t think anyone cares if you stab a guy for trying to steal your fucking ID or backpack and it seems like a pretty valid reason (especially on an LRP server.) There are obviously exceptions to be made in the rules in some cases and I see my reason as completely valid, the guy should’ve just not fucked around cargo stealing shit after being told to fuck off.

You know stabbing a person’s eyes out makes them blind for the whole game?

All I did was go to the first room in cargo, (Which you can access with an assistant ID I believe) and asked for your box that you start with and you never replied, so I figured i’d take it myself, but then you decided to stab me in the eyes for some reason, even when I ran away and told sec, you kept on trying to destroy my eyes until I was blind. Not cool dude.

Sure, attack me a couple times in the chest or push me over and i would’ve left, but you had to choose to take out my eyes completely even when I was running away.

Your ban reason - Stabbed a player’s eyes out for tresspassing as cargo, was extremely rude in the ticket and has notes of terrible behavior. Appeal on the fourms if you believe this to be unjust.

Stabbing a dudes eyes out is a dickish move, for someone to be able to recover from that they have to find someone to preform the surgery and undergo surgery. With terrible past history from notes Dovah must of made the judgement that a server ban was warranted.

It’s really up to the banning Admin if he wants to either remove/reduce the ban.

You tried to make a player permanently blind for taking a box, responded with swearing and caps in the ahelp, you clearly needed to read our rules and take a small break from the server. Also something you need to know, when you start to crit someone, we don’t know how far you will take it, we see you stabbing him, we don’t know where you are going with it. We can’t take your word for not having “lethal intent” what we know is that you clearly had “harm intent” for a player that wasn’t valid by our rules and tried to make them suffer permanent round harming damage for trying to take a box, when you didn’t respond to them. Please wait the two days.

Nice strawman, they tried stealing something off my person, and my bag had my budget ID which is functionally something I can NEVER get back. Eyes are easily repaired with oculine, as I’m aware beestation never integrated cobbychem or trekchems. Maybe they shouldn’t try to take shit off of people who are trying to print stuff in an autolathe.

I never made any intent to crit them you bumbling buffoon and it was clear by me using a screwdriver instead of say a welding tool (which I could’ve just as easily used.) also the validity rules making someone unable to be attacked on an LRP server is some of the most contrived and dumbest rulings I’ve ever heard especially as I’ve been outright murdered for trying to take someone’s backpack before and it was ruled valid.

You’re the one rule-lawyering that I should be banned by taking the rules out of context completely and trying to further keep me away from the server with your “just take the ban” bullshit.

Eye damage is hardly permanent and they should consider not wanting to take boxes for some dumb fucking reason when the garden biogenerator can create cardboard, an easily accessible alternative which you can fill with watermelons, a self sufficient plant. You can literally also just eat carrot juice to heal your eyes at a slower pace as it decays into oculine.

First off, you didn’t say anything, so i kept on trying to take your bag. And I had no idea you was quartermaster.
Secondly, you kept trying to make my eyes worse off to waste my time trying to fix it.
Thirdly, why the fuck the eyes and not just “Go away libtard”?

You were literally trying to steal my shit while I was trying to print surgical tools and conveyor belts at an autolathe, you wouldn’t stop when I moved (which is an obvious tell of that I don’t want you fucking with my bag), and my character has the social anxiety trait so I couldn’t talk because of the periodic event that happens sometimes muting you or stuttering your speech.

OP you might want to cool it.

I think a five day ban is extreme if the guys notes are over a year old and all he did was stab someone in the eyes with a screwdriver a couple times. Shitty, but it’s not like he crit or even killed him.

At this point the 5 day ban should have expired. So this appeal is resolved and the thread will be locked.