My OOC ban Im Cryin Right Now😭😭


**Admin’s CKEY:**bastion

**Ban Type:**OOC and my Freedom Of Speech

Ban Length: 1 week

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**04/02/2020

**Ban Reason:**spammed when bastion struck down all who opposed his humnle OOC

**Appeal Reason:**Honestly man i dont care about the OOC ban but ghost chats a bit much I wanna talk about the wrong after its happened witht eh alds ya know talk about how much happened and the fun time we had together. But no I posted some reatarded “copypasta” (more of a quote) that was shitting on Derp being salty, I did it twice then said im gonna stop now lol. Got banned anyway, I wanna talk to the boys before I drown in my tears oh lord admins of the realm.

Additional Information: This si me now bation from overwatch how do you feel???-

Yeah i’ll hit ya with a unban.

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i am whole again …