My newfound religion; SS13ism

Ok the jist is, we are running on an advanced server of SS13.

You chose to play as you, and when you die you may respawn in the future.

When you get bwoinked, your IC mob feels guilt.

The world used to be more fun in the past (magic and mythical beasts) but the mods patched them out cus ‘muh powergame’.

I may be banned to metagaming right now. AMA.


When can restart the round i’m bored

22bn years from now, if the server doesn’t crash.

Fuck that. I’m making a lag machine. Fucking jannies

I’d ahelp that, but admin is deadmin for at least 2000 years (allegedly)

Yeah, i have a problem with some of the players :confused:

The women ones want nothing to do with me, this has-

No i cant do this it feels like a shitty reddit comment


What monkey brain shit was I hopped up on in the character creator smh

I hope ERP is allowed

Think about, that’s why there are no felinid, moff, or lizard players. They all got banned for ERP.

You gotta get permission from admeme before ERP or you pass on the trait “Bastard”

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it’s not, why would it ever be allowed?

Actually ERP leads to Microcephaly… And eventually felinid, moff and lizard players.

(moff temporary overrite 3) uwu

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Also can someone tell the devs to fix their shit? Seriously, all of everything is so much shitcode.


Its a spaghetti chefs dream.

I dont always blame them. Just most of the time.

Yeah I guess but some of this is just shit design, not spaghetti code
like what the fuck is hiccuping?

If you have never been slightly more than tispy you wouldnt have experience with this.

People frequently hiccup if they are to that point.

Is admin jail just the IC character having depression then?

You think only drunk people hiccup? bitch??

No but i thought you were specifically referring to that since…thats the only reason you hiccup in game.

like what the fuck is hiccuping?

Some stupid maintainer thought it was funny and speedmerged it.

Nobody likes it.