My Ideas on how to fix/re-add secborgs

Right. Making this thread while we have 40+ people on the forums from shitstorm that is going on. Leave the drama out. Try to share ideas here or add Input.

I’m not great at commas or periods so Please excuse that.

Alright, Last i was aware sec borgs was removed due to them being broken and people not following lawing(That should be on the admins to deal with)

here are my Ideas!

  • Remove their stunbaton.

  • Change their Disabler to only recharge while standing still and have VERY limited shots.

  • Slow their movement down to walking speed but Give them module to speed them up.
    Simlar to how the peacekeeper has the “Hyperkinetic Dampening Projector”. Name it something like “Overcharged Locomotion” and have it Eat a lot of power while moving(to limit valid hunting or chasing of le antag)

  • Give them Big red text that states they must follow silicon Lawing before space lawing.

  • Last Idea is Make it a researchable module that can only printed at sec lathe and requires the HOS approval to print off and use without it it’ll be considered powergaming.

I am no Coder I’m just giving my ideas in hope that they will be worked on and re-added. Share opinions?

The mere existence of a secborg caused harm, hell i played one the other day and eliminated every high threat antag with no sec or command other than a captain, then got emagged and murdered 4 people who were all coming at me at once.


Borgs and AI already get kinda valid-hunty. Let’s not give them more.

Peacekeepers already work well enough for this role while being outright less robo-shitsec.


I agree with you 100% my first 3 idea’s was how to maybe prevent that from happening and nerf them. Got any ideas like i do?

as a silicon main i have to say the loss of the secborg actually produced a lot of benefits in the silicon community. silicons before tended towards behaving like security+, sometimes even outright disobeying their parent AI’s to enforce laws on people. the replacement of the secborg with the peacekeeper gradually changed the culture to respect AI laws over space law more, and i think that returning secborgs to the mix would create a loss rather than a gain.

for reference: big red text that you follow silicon law and not space law was already a thing, researchable security borg module has already been a thing. both of these did not get rid of the core issue that the secborg presents.


We dont need another reason for silicons to validhunt, bad enough as it is.

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Alright. I can clearly see the points in the few posts that was made already. I personally thought it may be okay now since we are pushing for more RP on the server and less hunt le-vaild

I guess throw My idea in the dumpster out back i’ll think up something else

Its not necessarily that bad of an idea, i just cant see our players actually using them to roleplay.

That’s why my ideas was to Remove the stunbaton along with making them have to sit still to recharge their Disabler. You have a great point… and i do agree with you.

My ideas lock them Behind research and HOS approval for crew to print. Forces the borg to be Slow and stand still to recharge their gun and remove the stunbaton. It’s a hard nerf but I guess It’s still not the time for it since so many posted against it so quickly.

The point is less about the equipment, and more the mentality of secborg players.

I understand where you are coming from, but you can never write enough code to discourage player behavior short of removing the feature that is the root of causing undesired player behavior.

Writing code trying to do so is genuine insanity, I would highly advise if you ever pick up coding to not fall into that endless pit.