Murderboning pirates report

In-game report:

CKEY: Basicguy20

Your Discord: garfielf #5856

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown (may be many)

Offender’s In-Game Name: Didn’t have time to check

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 1/22/2023

Round Number: 42376

Rules Broken: 13

Incident Description: There were two pirate crews this shift, the first one was fine and actually fun; however, the second one parked their ship next to the Evac shuttle and their turrets somehow could fire through multiple layers of shuttle walls and killed so many people. To top it all off, they planted a Syndie bomb on the shuttle which i could not unwrench to vent it and some other scientist tried and failed to defuse it, creating more death. These were pirate crews too, not nuke ops. This is unacceptable behavior from pirate crews in my opinion.

Additional Information: Please fix turrets so they don’t shoot through walls, This was the most frustrating shit ever, we literally could not fight back because we could not use cover.

  1. Have to cut a specific wire to unwrench a set bomb

  2. How on earth did pirates get their hand on the bomb? There’s got to be something else going on for them to get one - either communicating with other antags or they went out of their way to make a chemical payload.

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I had no arms because I was getting shot by magical ghost bullets which can pierce two layers of titanium walls apparently, seriously this is such bad design.

No idea, it was the Syndie bomb you can buy from Uplink, this is still super shitty pirate behavior, this is not what pirates are suppose to do.

Well there were nuclear agents on board some time before this. They were dragging the bomb. I took it while they weren’t lookin and used the mass driver to propel it out of their reach

So the ghosts that took over the second pirate crew were using ghost info and then used that to murderbone people?

I was the pirate that activated the bomb on the shuttle. I had found it just sitting outside of cargo, so I grabbed it and planned on using it to make it easier to loot the station, but we didn’t have much time since shutte had landed. The pirate captain had told me there was loot on the shuttle, but by the time I armed the bomb it was too late for me to get anything from there, so I was just left at the station. It definitely was my fault for doing that, but I wasn’t sure where I would find anymore loot.

I was part of the first crew, so I don’t think the second crew did anything wrong.

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Yeah the syndicate shuttle has really annoying 50 cal penetrator turrets, quite OP. Then syndicates placed the ship there right when they spawned in

The Syndicate pirate turret is weaker than the Syndicate nukies one, the syndie nukie has piercing rounds iirc and it MELTS anyone, you can tank like… 3-4 shots with basic sec armor of a pirate turret

In any case, if they used the bomb near evac/shuttle that’s already a big no, specially if it’s pirates.

Putting a bomb on the station for the purpose of murdering people is not what pirates are supposed to do.

The 2nd pirate crew got stuck on the shuttle due to some engine failure, only one of them made it on the station, but by that time evac has left already I believe.

Just to add a few details. Aparantly the nukie ship was stationed there but the nukies were quickly dealt with so it was abandoned near evac. The bomb was set and detonated on the evac shuttle not the station and pirates were entering the shuttle to take pot shots at the crew.

From what i saw at least 1 pirate crew was focusing trying to kill the evac crew.

hello, I am the pirate captain and i wish to clean some things up here,
firsts things first, we did not go to the shuttle to kill crew, as stated on radio and probally in logs, when shuttle arrived hos ordered everything from vault (which was moved from vault to armory) onto the shuttle, now this wouldnt matter if the station actually had money, there were no ores, and not enough cash in the supply budget to meet our goal, with the only good stuff being on the heads of staff and in vault, which were all in the evac shuttle now. And with 2 minutes left on the clock and with cargo and science pilliged with nothing, we had two choices.

1.Go back to the ship as we didnt have time to loot all the other deperments for enough cash.

  1. Or raid the emergency shuttle for enough hostages, loot, and id cards (cash) to get our qouta.

sadly we only had option number 1 as I had misjudged our time limit, but it was too late and we were alreadly at the shuttle, now for the main problem, the bomb. I ordered the bomb be armed but forgot it had to be bolted down for some reason, maybe a bug or something? it was meant to be more of a distraction as the crew would focus on the thing that can wipe the shuttle more then the pirates taking some people hostage, but as we got repelled back i realised it was bolted, someone cut the wrong wire, and it exploded.

If this is the round I think it is, yeah. The second crew did nothing wrong because they never got on the station to start with.

The second crew was, due to a bug, stranded in space, and decided to just float around for a bit hoping they’d eventually land on the station. To my knowledge(I was part of this second crew) none of us ever arrived on station and attempts to use Jacob’s ladder were unsuccessful since, you know, drifting in space makes it hard to stop long enough to grab the ladder and go through the little progress bar.

Well that’s a small novel of logs reading that has been done to figure out what the hell was going on, the anecdotes here helped a lot, though, and are for the most part accurate.

As self-reported by @Uhhhh, they maxcapped the shuttle, which for pirates to be doing is basically antag-grief for no reason, since you likely aren’t getting anything useful out of the immediate hazard area and just serves to be a Hijack-tier asshole move for everybode else, in a round where everything was already scuffed for everyone.

I don’t think anybody would’ve batted an eye at you using your new found toy to breach external walls of xenobio as you originally intended, but putting it on the shuttle just sucked for everyone with no gain.

Pirates’ mission statement is to get in, get loot, and get out, dealing with anyone who comes to stop you. Not murder everyone on the station.
However there are some mitigating circumstances at play such as anything of value being moved to the evac shuttle.

(Mate Oorthelm) "holy shit"
(Mate Oorthelm) "captain"
(Mate Oorthelm) "I found a free fuckin bomb"
(Captain Ionknot) "what"
(Mate Oorthelm) "we should use it"
(Mate Oorthelm) "captain"
(Mate Oorthelm) "where"
(Mate Oorthelm) "should we bomb"
(Captain Ionknot) "yes"
(Mate Oorthelm) "where?"
(Mate Oorthelm) "we can use the bomb somewhere"
(Mate Oorthelm) "I'm not sure where"
(Captain Ionknot) "how much did we get? yarrr...."
(Mate Oorthelm) "not enough"
(Captain Ionknot) "LETS HIT UHHH"
(Captain Ionknot) "RND"
(Captain Ionknot) "FOR MORE ORE"
(Mate Oorthelm) "alright"
(Mate Oorthelm) "we have this bomb too"
(Mate Oorthelm) "I could maybe bomb somewhere while you raid RND"


(Mate Oorthelm) "do I set up the bomb in here?"
(Captain Ionknot) "NO"
(Mate Oorthelm) "alright"
(Mate Oorthelm) "where should I set it then?"
(Mate Oorthelm) "I'll find somewhere"
(Mate Oorthelm) "maybe medbay?"
(Captain Ionknot) "in the hallway!"
(Mate Oorthelm) "okay"
(Captain Ionknot) "grab the loot"
(Mate Oorthelm) "okay"
(Mate Oorthelm) "they have no ores"
(Captain Ionknot) "fuck it"
(Captain Ionknot) "we charge the shuttle"
(Captain Ionknot) "the loots there"
(Captain Ionknot) "they moved it"
(Captain Ionknot) "arm the bomb"
(Mate Oorthelm) "***has primed a syndicate bomb at Emergency Shuttle***"
*assorted shotgunning targeting 6 different people in evac shuttle*
*C4 in departures*
*maxcap explodes killing 8 people on the shuttle immediately*
*a few more people die from vacuum-related ailments*
*round ends*

Mate Oorthelm has received a strong warning for being too pro-bone’o as a pirate crewman, for antagonist over-escalation with the bomb.
Captain Ionknot has received a week-long antagonist restriction for being in charge of greenlighting the shuttle attack and shuttle bomb idea as Pirate Captain.

The turrets from the parked nukie shuttle near evac are (obviously) not pirate-related.

Report Processed.