Multiple players immediate suicide upon conversion lowpop player report

In-game report:

CKEY: The Maggot Guy

Your Discord: TheMaggotGuy

Offender’s CKEY: Multiple; Juniyper as Sam Wheeler, BrawlerHorde as Haley Stafford, Swatblack as NT-SMU 998

Offender’s In-Game Name: Sam Wheeler, Haley Stafford, NT-SMU 998

Server: Sage

Date: 2024-02-09

Round Number: 47619

Rules Broken: Do not suicide immediately upon conversion, salting in looc, stealing null rod. (for NT-SMU it was more delayed).

Incident Description:

Context: I was chaplain, it was lowpop of 6-7 people.


Was chaplain, gene offers to give me powers. I agree and get gene’d on for a while. She steals my null rod chainsaw because “what if he kills people with it” and would not give it back, killed me with and cloned me after I attacked her with a plant to try and get it back (no security). She also appeared to try and fire a syringe gun at me before I did anything, which is why I attacked her at all Anyway, the antag for the round succesfully got me distracted and hypnoflashed me to sleep, (in any other circumstance would have also hypno’d me) but couldn’t figure it out; since she had gotten me legitimately I helped her figure it out and was eventually fully hypno’d. Antag tells gene to go to sleep, and when gene refuses, antag shoots her into crit and hypnos her that way. I am ordered to heal her, so I drag her to the stasis bed where she kills herself by saying “I’LL NEVER JOIN YOU” or something else stupid.

Luna Nightingale says, “Obey Luna Nightingale.”

(seconds later)
Sam Wheeler whispers in their last breath, “I will never obey…”

Sam Wheeler seizes up and falls limp, their eyes dead and lifeless.

We then proceeded to have a really fun space shuttle adventure with Paperwork, the talking sloth! Played by an admin, maybe marshmellow? (it was @YoshimiWasTaken who wanted to see this post.) Good RP. Anyway

We get back, and I try to get her (the antag) superpowers via gene. She gets the idea to do AA, so we go get that. We call on another player to come to hop line, and convince her to get in the cryopod. With that player (Haley Stafford/BrawlerHorde) asleep, the antag hypno’d her to obey. We bring her to get AA and prepare to have more fun by subverting the presumed borg (it was an IPC).


Haley immediately ran to cryo after being converted for no reason, really stupid and cringe.

Later, the antag decided to brag on the anouncement system about how the syndicate rules, NT drools, standard antag bragging. The engineer, NT-SMU 998 did not like this, complained, and then cryoed to avoid interacting with an antag.

Pretty annoying since this was basically the half of people connected who weren’t literally us.

Cryoing/committing suicide immediately upon conversion is really bad and a rulebreak, and is extremely cringe on a lowpop round when you are half of the server pop by yourself. Cryoing within 5 minutes (or so?) of seeing antag activity because you don’t want to interact with the antag is also bad and anti roleplay. Since there was practically nobody else we called the shuttle and had a pizza party with ian. Sad!

Additional Information: @BrawlerHorde


Lowpop round. Lowpop crew isn’t typically able to deal with antags unless they tide security equipment.

You’re reporting a player that had no chance of winning without breaking rules themselves for not choosing to spend the rest of the round as a slave. While it is true that you had fun, they could not reasonably predict the rest of the round and the salt must’ve been immense, as conversion on lowpop is extremely frustrating.

Is it against the rules?

This rule is in place to allow antagonists who operate with or invest into conversion to properly establish themselves, and complete their goals. On a lowpop round like this, the antagonist was already able to complete their goals and the crew could not stand up to them. The only purpose of conversion would presumably be making things more fun. However, by leaving after conversion on a round like this, i argue that you do not sabotage objectives.

You can also report a person to the police for jaywalking in real life, for context.

Further, ahelping on lowpop wouldn’t do anything.

I have to ask myself what the purpose of this report is. You clearly have:

  1. praise for the antagonist
  2. disdain for the player for daring to not bend to your will

The purpose of bans and notes is to:

  1. Get players to stop breaking rules
  2. Remove players who make the game unfun for others.

Due to lowpop being an unfair and unbalanced situation to begin with, I argue that the player was not acting in bad faith. Unless they have a history of denying conversion in rounds where there’s an actual goal to work towards, I fail to see any lesson or benefit from punishing the player. If usual conversion reads as “you must now help me do x”, this specific case is “stop your fun and have my fun instead”.

Or maybe, just maybe, your goal wasn’t to improve the playerbase like reports are supposed to.


I’m no psychologist, but I’d wager that after getting banned over the piss clown, you’re just looking for other people to pull down. That’s what this looks like to me.

For the reasons above I thus argue that the report has been made in bad faith and for the sake of having revenge on the player, not enforcing rules or improving the community.

I will also not be posting in the thread further, to prevent peanuting.


While I’d normally agree with you and agree hypnotizing low pop is pretty cringe it is crucial to understand that:

1 - When hypnotized you MUST follow your objectives.

2 - When you’re an antagonist you should ahelp before you leave the round.

If you don’t want to play as a slave you can even just lie and say “oh shit sorry I have to go” on LOOC and cryo. Provided you’ve ahelped.

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BrawlerHorde ahelped before leaving and no admins were available.


Gloating about it after was totally uncalled for, you’re right, I’d like to apologize.