Mu Baker player feedback

Do yall have any feedback on player my freezerburnt amnesia girl, Mu? Any feedback is welcome as long as its constructive. Thanks!

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She’s sweet! I like to talk to her! :slight_smile:
+1 good catgirl!

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Assuming you’re the person I think you are, great! Wonderful! Love it!

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Mu is a human but thanks! Might have me confused with Melody.

Dependable fellow crewmember, can count on her to save me from a looming skeleton.

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The next time I roll tot I WILL track down and kidnap Mu to find out more about [REDACTED] and [CONFIDENTIAL].

I am very curious!

Hope you have something ready! :smile:


Oh you’ll be either really impressed or really sad and disappointed. It’s got layers that Mu doesn’t even know about.

friend no.2 to my idiot catgirl katrina, 10/10 would sksksk again


If anyone wants Mu’s Lore. Have a go. Mu Baker Character Sheet - Google Docs

I update it occasionally


got a peak behind the curtain that is Mu Baker last round. First time playing bee that I actually got the feeling of legitimate planning and backstory being put into a character and it was very cool to be alongside her as it played out. Slowly becoming one of my favourite faces to see on station, especially so out of the batch of new-ish characters. Excited to see what you do in future rounds


Observed you do some supremely good roleplay after you rolled a split personality brain trauma, massive props for that!