Most useful random Item spawn

As I’m sure everyone here knows, exploring maint*, can often yield awesome items to screw around with, here’s a poll regarding some of the more rare random Items that can spawn in maint*.

  • Arcade w/ dartpistol (rarer than you think)
  • Abandoned Medical w/ surgical tools.
  • Small abandoned bar w/ cash + misc
  • Private Sec office w/ cuffs + vest.
  • Abandoned Chemistry w/ Chem master.
  • Abandoned Radiation Lab w/ FULL RADIATION SUIT (NANI?)

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I know there is more, but alot of it escapes me



Kudos to supreme Chad *coders for making random Maint templates in the first place.
No other codebase has such a based feature.

*sergei and zesko

Are you sure that was Sergei? I recall Zesko making it :thinking:
I’m probably wrong

Anyways, where is the clown room on this list???

that’s where.

But I don’t exactly consider that all too useful considering anything in that room can probably be aquired by simply bullying asking the clown or breaking and entering getting access to the actual clown’s quarters.

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I took a look at the codebase history and the templates were a mix of both, I’ll change my comment to credit them

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Do i have to tell you tidermen that you can just chainshove engineers for their insuls? Step up your game.

Hey, the less ruckas caused in aquiring Insuls (or equivalents), the more one can do with Insuls (or equivalents).

If you have to bully an engie to get em, then you’re definitely not getting the A+ sneeki breeki.

Arcade my beloved, it’s also how I tricked the whole station into Red alerting with the replica space suit and toy esword, as a Janitor

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we need Random traitor items to spawn in maint

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The abandoned chemistry is pretty cool to get, but honestly getting chem boards isn’t hard at all. You can print them at Medbay techfab and that’s the most insecure place on station. I’ve followed tons of docs in when they open the doors, printed shit when they weren’t looking, and dipped with no one being the wiser. All that’s left after that is to beg for parts from R&D/Engineering. If R&D are being lazy fucks (they always are) and you can’t get anything from engineering, you can print t1 parts at one of the public lathes which work just fine aside from the battery, try to steal a t2 from public tool storage if you can. Then voila, you are in the bomb business!

Or, in a Mathew’s case, Meth.

Abandoned bar is pretty gamer. Free flash protection (adv sunglasses), cash and a hidden stack of syndicate cards.

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You forgot to mention the room with the schoolgirl outfit, kitty ears and cuffs

Sounds like captains quarters.

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