Moonman Muggins (Ic name, no clue about ckey) player report

   CKEY: Bestparty

   Your Discord: Bestparty#2159

   Offender’s CKEY: No clue

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Moonman Muggins

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/02/2019

   Round Number: 8657

   Rules Broken: Escalation (I think)

   Incident Description: It was a warops round and I was CE with AA. The nukies arrive and I get shot and I rush to medbay to get meds but I only find stuff that i can't use to heal (I was a skeleton and couldn't use bruse packs. I go to chemistry to make some bicaridine where I meet Moonman Muggins. He was a chemist and using only 1 dispenser so I go to the other one. He tells me to leave but I refuse telling him that I need to heal and that I have access here. Then he grabs a spraycan and sprays acid on me (I think it was sulphuric). I start chopping him with my axe till decapitating him and run because of the nukies coming closer. I die from the acid damaging me.

   Additional Information: None

Asking entirely to satisfy my own curiosity…

To clarify… You used a level of access that you normally shouldn’t have to enter someone else’s work space to use their equipment without permission… Then, when you were asked to leave you instead refused… Then they sprayed you with some acid (in medical, so you could have been healed if you complied) to get you to leave, and you respond by repeatedly hitting them with a fire-axe until you fully decapitated them?

Why didn’t you ask before entering? Also did you even ask them to make you the healing items? It didn’t sound like you were going to die on the spot if you had to wait a couple of extra seconds for them to get something for you.

I think I asked him for healing chems but someone literraly exploded outside so I was in a hurry and rushed to the other dispenser to make my own. then he come swith the spray (I had no space to run away, I was blocked by tables and chem machines so I start chopping his legs, then when I go outside of chem looking for a shower to clean off the acid I decapitate him and then run back in chemistry to make some bicaradine and kelotane and while I was at the dispenser I drop into crit.