Momotraping banned by bastian0930

CKEY: Momotraping

Admin’s CKEY: bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 05-08-2020

Round ID: 15632

Ban Reason: Running over people as a MULEbot

Appeal Reason: I was banned permanently on both golden and sage for the reasons that i assume are: Running over people as a MULEbot , and when admin pm’ed me , i jokingly said ‘The Weak Should Fear The Strong’ as i assumed he would Pm me once again to have me say really what happened , but instead i have been banned permanently , in which i think should not be lifted but shortened to a few days(Or lifted) instead of permanently, because i think its quite unfair for a permanent ban, and I’m indeed aware of what i was doing , i simply though that the admin would DM to have me says what truly happend. that is all.

Additional Information: No additional information. that is all, other than maybe shorten it to a week or a few days or lift the ban completely.

Ok and what really happened.

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as stated , what really happened was
1: i was pAI that was put in a muleBOT
2:My directives were to serve my master which died , and to do cool pranks
3:assuming that bumping and running over people= cool pranks ,i did that
4:Admin asked me why was i running over people , The ban reason explain why , but TL;DR joked about ‘the weak should fear the strong’ and assumed the admin would ask me what truly happend instead of outright perm ban.

you didn’t state it in the first post can you read…
also that’s a really flimsy excuse to kill people

Ah my bad , but anyway as you can see i’m only asking to reduce the ban instead of a permaban. likely a few days.

And i assumed i could because since my primary directive was invalid since my ‘master’ died , i followed my second directive.

the mulebot was an instant kill?

If you are laying down the mulebot can run you over. It isn’t a one shot kill afaik, but you can move back and forth quick and kill real fast.

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Anyway, OP is new in the server ( 2 day,17 hours) so I guess memeing in ahelp could be considered not reading the rules? Although your senses should tell you that saying “the weak should fear the strong” in ahelp will have a bad outcome

i did read the rules though, i could have missed some details which is likely , and i simply assumed that the admin would just ask me to say the truth. so its well my fault

I say reduce the ban to an important roles ban

i’d say reduce it to a few weeks or days atleast , not a perm ban to be honest.

I’d say a reduced ban would suffice or a complete removal with a stern warning would be suffice enough IMO.