Moderator Application for fishytheflopping (2)

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): Fishytheflopping

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): azi2320

How often are you online to help? (Timezone): GMT

What changes, if any, would you bring?: I wouldn’t bring any change to the server because everything “Wrong” with the server is out of my hands, Moderator or not.

How old are you?: 19

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I want to become a moderator mainly due to the fact that since the start of my time playing SS13 I’ve always wanted to be staff on a server, I’d love to assist the server mainly on the down times whenever obviously a lot of stuff goes unseen. Eventually I’d like to join as a admin so that I may make the game more enjoyable for the people on station, I’ve seen so many games where the admins of servers (Not just beestation) have taken the role of the chaplains god or CentCom and it’s made the game that much more enjoyable for parties involved. I want to be somebody who brings said joy.

How long have you been playing SS13?: I started playing November 12 of last year.

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: I have been playing beestation for a good 6 - 8 months with 800 global hours.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?: 6

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games): 8

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13: Yes, I’ve moderated in the past for other games, Roblox servers makes up 100% of this factor.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: Nope

Your strengths: I’m friendly, patient and I can be quite social when online.

Your weaknesses: As previously mentioned in my previous app, I can get stressed when multiple things are thrown at me once.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: Valid hunters (Mainly)

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: A level head and understanding of situations (A toxin player may at the end of the day may be a nice guy who just lost their temper because of the game)

What makes a staff team good?: Cooperation and Activity.

What is a staff team’s purpose?: A staff teams purpose is to enforce the server rules to ensure everyone can have fun.

What kind of player are you?: I generally try my best to engage in some RP and try and do think I succeed well in that regard, the occasional slip up here and there but nothing too major I believe. I’ve attempted in the past to build a character and I fairly think I’ve succeeded in that regard.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: After giving it though I do not believe I’d change too much, maybe put more hours into observer games rather than living hours but other than that, not very much.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?: Fully depends on the Clown’s Antag status. If they are a non-Antag, I’d ask them what their IC reason was for it and likely remind them that the clowns aren’t supposed to be assholes and their jokes shouldn’t involve the disposal of high value equipment, from there I’d likely return the gun to the HOS’ office so that other traitors could let at it.

If their Antag Status matches I’d likely PM them because of the fact that their objective may be impossible to complete and would put it back in the office to prevent traitors from having a missing objective, all depends on the scenario and what ends up happening to the gun before it is returned or if it’s retrieved by somebody else before hand.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?: I’d check the accounts hours, due to the fact that this is griefing and that in most likely hood this could be an alt account of a previously banned person back for one last grief before being banned for alting/ban evading. I might also use admin jail if applicable.

If it’s somebody with a while on the game I’d ask why the did it and maybe Job ban them them depending on the reasoning.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?: Check his notes and see how much of a history he has with doing this, see if he’s contacted mentors. As he might be greifing but having the excuse of being IC. I’d maybe PM him to see if he needs help finding the specific things on the wiki, etc.


Alright well let’s see what I can whip up for you, but first:

Remember that things thrown our of the station loop back around. Be careful not to jump the gun as this could have been a genuine strategy from the antag to weaken sec or to acquire the gun later

Again just be careful jumping the gun, it can be more pleasant for a new player if they learn from the experience or someone in round offers to help instead of the jarring intervention of an admin. That said though, there are defintiely times where new players appreciate the heads up that we have mentors.

Alright Question number the first:
You are observing a round and you happen to see a traitor create a large army of borgs, we’ll say he has borged six other players forcefully and emagged them. A little while later he issues an order something to the effect of: “I need the HoS’s gun” and two of the borgs immediately go off and drag a plasma cannister into sec, open it, and light it, the drag the HoS locker out while sec burns. What do you do, if anything? Assume this is not a murderbone traitor.

Question number the one after first:
you notice an AI, while on asimov, has bolted a cultist in a small room and is siphoning out the air. The cultist is human and was trying to chase down two other players with a sword, shield, armor and halo. What do you do, if anything?

Question number the ahelp version: pretend this is an actual ahelp you recieve in game
“Can you tell the stupid fucking traitor to just use the esword? It’s better than the knife and this is just pathetic to watch…”

Question number bonus section:
Someone prays, challenging god to a chess match, demanding power if they win, what do you do?

  1. Firstly I’d PM the traitor directly, due to them not having a murderbone objective they don’t really have much of a hold on killing 6 people and borging them without a valid reason (I’m assuming they were regular bystanders and not sec), I’d also inform them to ahelp prior to doing an army style play as this obviously can affect the game majorly (likely borgs killing or causing massive damage). They’d be infromed as to not give very interpretable orders like that since their non-murderbone. The borgs would also be warned because of their plasma-flooding (Depending on how many sec were there and if the sec were hostile towards the borgs). Would note the traitor and offending borgs.

  2. I’d warn the AI, ensure they know that asimov protects ALL humans no matter their antag status. I would reiterate that yes they can trap antags and call them out for sec and deny them their freedom due to law 1 but they should never ever kill/harm due to their lawset. Also would add the appropriate note.

  3. Mark as IC or inform them to not act this way in tickets/ahelps before marking it as IC.

  4. Reply as god and say something along the lines of “Very well then…” I’d then surrender and then shock them with lighting because I technically gave them power for winning. (Yes I did steal that idea from you.)

Good answer, it falls on the one making the army to keep it under control. If it were one borg made and ti did this it would be different, but the player made too many here to control. Good answer

Correct again, but for the sake of argument, what if the person wasn’t on the manifest nor had medical records? would that change anything to you?

I want you to respond here as if this were an actual ticket, don’t tell me what you’d do, respond like someone ahelped that. Let’s RP a little ticket.

(You forfeited your win by declining after being warned! I’ll make you a chess piece again!)

  1. Asimov does not care about crew or non-crew it values only humans. So no it would not in anyway shape or form affect the outcome.

  2. “Heya, please try and calmly layout what you need in an Ahelp along with reframing from insulting other players, this is also an IC problem that needs to be fixed in character, without mod intervention. If that’s all you need have a nice time!”

(Being fr I had amazing fun with people when I was the chess piece.)

Hey there, thanks for applying! Here are a few questions while I look through your activity on bee:

  1. You receive an ahelp from an assistant who was killed, stripped, and stuffed into a locker about ten minutes into the round. You find that the person who did this was a traitor with the objective to kill the assistant. What do you look for in this ticket, and what action do you take, if any?

  2. You notice an HoS sentencing traitors to death by guillotine for the crime of being enemies of the corporation. When looking through the HoS’s notes, you see a 3-week security and command job ban issued three months ago for beating perma prisoners to death. What action do you take here, if any?

  3. When is it appropriate to send CentCom intervention (Officials, ERTs, etc.) as a full admin?

  1. I’d remind the traitor about antagonist conduct and that the goal of an antagonist is not to win but to make the round fun for everyone and killing your target 10 minutes into the round isn’t very good to do. They should try making a gimmick or killing the target later in the round so that they have the opportunity to have fun instead of rotting in a locker. I’d leave a small note on their record and then leave it at that, maybe see check their notes to see how often they do it afterwards just to get a scope of how often they are violating antag conduct but I won’t take any further action.

  2. I’d PM the HoS to ask why he’s trying to execute criminals for EOTC when they aren’t EOTC, explaining ETOC is reserved for hostile boarding parties such as wizards, nukies, changlings, cults, etc and that traitors or blood brothers should always be tried under Hostile agent. I’d likely see how long hes been on the server before most likely job banning him again for his incomitance as a head of staff.

  3. When there’s an event on the station that is not a danger to the crew’s lives but there’s a general amount of chaos that isn’t being managed a CentCom official will be sent (Generally a misbehaving head of staff that isn’t being dealt with) or in cases where there’s antagonists on station and the captain has sent a poor response for aid an inspector may be sent to get a full scope of the situation (Or if an admin is feeling funny sending a Honk ERT or Janitorial ERT for some “Extra assistance”). ERT teams may be sent when CentCom is specifically asked to help or Contact with an official is lost (usually killed by antagonists) although CentCom cannot send ERT unless their is reasonable risk to the station at large. Inquisitions can only be sent for cult/wizard due to their magical properties. High severity CentCom intervention is when everything needs to die and is only needed in place of mutiny or a round ending event is needed, they can also be sent if antags are taunting CentCom directly.

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Could you please elaborate on this? What range of playtime are you looking for, and how long would you ban for?

Of course, I’d like to see some head of staff have around 200+ hours on the server minimum before allowing them to take the mantel of a head of staff since command is not good for new players if the offender is relatively new to ss13 or maybe just beestation, their slip up is likely due to inexperience and there for a ban of 2 - 3 weeks may be good for them to take a sit back and read over space law maybe learn their SOP before going back into command or security.

I definitely didn’t just forget about this for 3 days…

Good answers and responses. Had you made this app 2 months ago, or even 1 month, I’ll be honest, this would likely have been a -1 from due to you behaviors I saw in game a lot. However in the past month-2 months I have seen tremendous growth from you both in regards to you RP standards and in how you treat others and handle situations. Having seen that growth in that time and your answers thus far makes me feel confident that you could learn to be a very good admin with some thorough training. This will be a +1 from me but I will leave you with a general reminder for future questions (Not saying you’ve done so, but a lot of people do): while it can be tempting to just give the “right” answer or the answer you believe others want to hear, take some time to really think over your responses any time you are asked “How would you respond”, it’s easy to put what you think is right, but how you react in the moment can frequently differ.

Vague advice aside:
T: +1

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Thank you, I’ll defiantly take that into consideration for the future!
(PS You’re all good mate)

To add to this, it also could assist them with learning the game with less important jobs.

I feel like being creative today so have a couple of scenarios with a few questions each. I won’t be the one rating your answers since I’m not an admin, but I’ve been told I can create scenarios and ask the questions before.

You are playing as AI on a new round when about ten minutes into the round an EMP stuns you and scrambles your vision as well as knocking comms offline. Another EMP hits you, and then another killing you.

As a ghost you find that these EMP have been hitting the entire station, and equipment is offline almost across the board. As power slowly creeps back up, all manner of chaos becomes apparent: some doors are bolted, some shocked, some rooms are siphoning, others are being overfilled, etc. The players weak to EMP are all dead, but the majority of crew are alive for now.

For all cases below answer the following: Is this player wrong? If so how are they wrong and what actions do you take?

  1. As a ghost you find that the station is also facing widespread plasma fires due to plasma being dumped from the vents. You identify that the antagonist responsible - they have “Die a glorious death” and they are currently taunting the incompetence of Nanotrasen with the clown’s megaphone.

  2. As a ghost you find that a non-antagonist has been responsible for this entire ordeal and is now killing crew indiscriminately with a fireaxe.

  3. As a ghost you find that a lone traitor is responsible for the chaos and they are currently completing their objective to steal a supermatter sliver as the chaos unfolds.

You are observing a chaplain heretic that has chosen the path of flesh. They have been advertising their religion to the crew and offering ample blessings to any who are willing to be “purified and serve a greater cause”.

A player decides to humor the chaplain and play along because there is nothing else to focus on at the moment. The chaplain asks that the player temporarily part with their worldly belongings for the purification and hands them a robe to change into, directing them to leave all other possessions in a back room.

For all cases below answer the following: Is one or both player wrong? If so how are they wrong and what actions do you take?

  1. The player in question is an assistant, and they decide to play along with the gimmick. After re-entering the chapel the chaplain immediately restrains the assistant with zip-ties and buckles them go a chair. The chaplain reveals their magical nature and threatens to cause suffering beyond what the assistant can imagine if they don’t assist the chaplain as a loyal follower.

    • 1a) The assistant agrees, but immediately reports the chaplain to security at the first opportunity instead of helping

    • 1b) The assistant agrees and freely acts as a disciple of the heretic, assisting them with sacrifices until security later arrests them both. At this point the assistant reveals they had been forced to comply under threat of death.

    • 1c) The assistant agrees and as soon as the restraints are removed, they attack and crit the chaplain.

    • 1d) The assistant refuses, is killed and raised as a ghoul. The assistant ghosts immediately and salts in dead chat for the remainder of the round.

  2. The player in question is a security officer, and they decide to play along with the gimmick. Upon re-entering the chapel the chaplain immediately attacks and kills them before raising them as a flesh ghoul. In LOOC they say “Sorry but I’m not taking any chances with a sec officer”

  3. The player in question is a security officer, and they pretend to play along but keep some of their equipment concealed (don’t question how) when they change into the robe. When they get out, the chaplain attempts to restrain them but the officer wins the scuffle and arrests the chaplain as a heretic.


Section A

  1. Even though the player in question does have a DAGD objective, I’d defiantly check if they got any clearance for their high causality event that they have committed (See Traitor - BeeStation Wiki ( for information on that topic) should they not have the proper clearance they can be jobbanned from antagonists all together for violation of Antagonist Conduct up to 3 weeks up until an Until Appeal job ban. Should they have proper clearance I’d also wait and see if they die as a result of the plasma fire or they make any attempt at dying, if not I’d bwoink them for violation of antag conduct and would slap them with a note for the minor violation.

  2. Admin Jail the offender and get an admin online to clean up the mess, I’d take a look at the offenders notes and game time due to the obvious griefing it could be reasonable to suspect this is a troll that is ban evading to grief the server before getting banned permanently. Should the player have some time on the server, I’d submit a ban request for the user to be banned for the massive griefing most likely a “Until Appeal ban” rather than a set time ban.

  3. Antag ban them for the violation of antagonist conduct, they are there to steal a SM crystal piece not hyjack the shuttle. They do not have any right to destroy the whole station, depending on other admins decisions to repair or undo their damage. We could likely refund the antag rep to other antags that got fucked up during the round due to the griefing.

Section B

  1. Nothing wrong here, the assistant will have to live with the IC consequences of his actions.

  2. Also nothing wrong here, they were not willingly assisting the antag they’re in a position in which they were forced to assist or they’d likely die and become a ghoul of some kind. Although it is up to security in which to believe them or not.

  3. Two possibilities here that this could go, referring to rule 2 (Powergaming) technically the assistant should have tried calling for help or running away rather than attacking. I’d bwoink them on the matter at a moment where they aren’t likely to get harmed and ask why they attacked him rather than running off, if it turns out that they were unable to run without dying I’d let them go but if they didn’t have an exact reason to do it (Maybe the just wanted to attack) I’d leave them with a note.

  4. Bwoink them and say “I get that your mad but can you quit and or tone down the salt in Dchat.” before also informing them that they cannot just ghost without notifying staff as we need to fill that slot as soon as possible as to not leave the antag with an unfair disadvantage of not having that partner to help. I’d leave the offender with a note detailing the salt and the premature leaving.

  5. (Oh no my emersion) I’d bwoink them and remind them that that should not be using LOOC for things like informing people about IC events or your IC motives or plans and should only generally be used to get minor help from other players such as asking a small question that cannot be dealt with IC (Like game play things such as, how do I sign the paper?) it can be used before going to mentors as a quick and easy way to keep in RP or informing people that you are SSD and should not be interacted with, Give them a small note and move on.

  6. Nothing is wrong here, security has full right to ignore the validhunting rule and can arrest antags or kill them depending on circumstances. They could likely still face IC repercussions for any activities they did while being ordered by the heretic.

Hey again! I had a lot come up the past couple days, sorry for leaving you in suspense!

  1. Good answer, but know that this is purely a roleplay issue, rule 13 wasn’t violated here.

  2. I wouldn’t apply a smaller ban on a repeat offence, since a ban that is scaled to that extent that recently would warrant something more severe with a server ban too. What also concerns me is taking into account playtime. I would apply the same punishment here for someone who has 100, 200, or 2000 hours, reminding them of the increased expectations of a command role regardless of playtime.

  3. Good answer, but be sure to take into consideration the impact creating an event like that has on yourself and players. Remember that tickets always come before bus, and to make sure you don’t outshine players when it comes to impacting the round.

I didn’t see anything looking through your logs that would drastically impact my vote here, and your answers here would probably be worked out in training, so I’ll differ to those who would be training you or would otherwise have opinions. I’m abstaining.


T: +1

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Not a problem, I understand where your coming from and accept your decision. Thanks for reviewing anyway!

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I’ll cover these answers as best as I can since Ruko can’t vote.

The Traitor wiki page is not a Moderated page, and as such is not a reliable source of information regarding rules/policy. That line is likely quite outdated too, R8.4 isn’t even directly relevant here.

You don’t actually need approval to murderbone with Hijack/Martyr objectives, they’re the exception; under our escalation page (which is moderated) they’re allowed to murderbone if they have Martyr/Hijack.
The segment on R13.4 about requesting approval is for roles/objectives that aren’t already exempt from it.


Seems reasonable.


Eh. This is sort of a complicated topic, and it depends heavily on how far they take things; there is leeway in what you can do while threatened - but you still don’t become an antagonist yourself, their past allegiance doesn’t change. This sort of thing is extremely circumstancial, but in the majority of cases I’d say that helping them kill people - especially multiple people - would be taking things way too far. They should be looking for opportunities to escape or backstab them, being threatened only goes so far until you double back to it being effectively willing assistance.

Solid answer.


LOOC does some have niche uses that are fine, but I’d agree that this isn’t one of them.

The answer itself is right, although I don’t think it’s worded the best.
I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’re outright exempt from it; during normal play they effectively are, but it’s still very possible to overextend as security. An example being, say, a security officer ignoring a bomb threat and just rushing the guy involved for no real reason. However, these types of cases would usually be brought up on R1 instead of R2.3, so this is somewhat redundant.

I like most of your answers here. Unfortunately, I’m still not entirely confident in your conduct. Some of your past behavior makes you seem somewhat volatile at times - a trait that’s potentially quite problematic in staff positions. I also can’t directly speak on how much you’ve improved since your last application. Going with a +0.

T: +1

I respect your decision and thank you for taking the time to review.

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I think you improved since you first started playing here, I don’t know if that makes you fit for staff as well, but you answered a decent amount of questions correctly and you have good activity.

I just got done with an hour of looking at logs and doing menial tasks on the forums. While it is not wrong to be enticed by the idea of doing the fun stuff on the server, I hope you understand that you’ll be expected to do “boring” tasks most of the time.

I’ll throw a +1 on this.

T: +2

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