Moar traitor items

Cargo: CQC (Close quarters crate-ing) 15 1tc
Unlocks special abilities when holding a crate

Crate slam: Slam someone’s head into a crate 25 brute, 40 stamina, 3 knockdown
Hit someone over the head with a crate: Drag crate when onto yourself to hold it: Smash it down on someone to inflict 5 knockdown and 40 brute, destroys the crate.
Your crate cannot be nabbed from you without you breaking your grip

Lid slam: Grab grab harm,crate top slam someone, inflicting severe brain damage, and mild stamina and brute.

Crate crush: Crush someone in a crate, grab harm disarm: Takes 5 seconds to execute crushing, finishes those off with less than 20 hp, mangles and dismembers

You are more resistant to stuns and damage when dragging a crate.

Engineering: Rigged power cell: A power cell when placed into an APC, and turned off, causes a violent explosion, blowing up a large chunk of the room, when inserted into an apc, and closed, it starts off turned off. 5 TC

Advanced pinpointer, a special pinpointer capable of tracking high risk items, 3 tc

are you the new michiru mate


Wait, where is michiru now? reminds me

crate sounds extremely gimmicky, situational & spark validhunt on cargo techs with crates outside their departments.

rigged power cell : you mean, cell with plasma injected in it?

adv pinpointer : you mean, a tool sec can obtain midround allowing to fuck over any other antag ?

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the pinpointer only works for syndicates, anybody else and it gibs them and destroys it

The power cell is basically a hidden bomb in an APC, ALSO you cant insert plasma power cells in apcs

“anybody else it gibs them and destroys it” makes 0 sense and would be so specific and strong for an item that’s already extremely damn strong, as it serves as a free hos locator/ce/cmo, etc

Bad items and suggestions all around.

Adv pinpointer is just an overpowered head of staff tracker that makes no sense how it cant be used by non syndicate.

Cargo CQC is so so bad that everyone would have metaknowledge of it even without firsthand witnessing it, every cargo tech who drags a crate around is already looked with suspicion.

Powercell already exists just insert plasma into it, plus there is no reason to have yet another bomb thats engineering related (we have a powersink)