Mitchtheskele banned by Piterskiy

CKEY: mitchtheskele

Admin’s CKEY: Piterskiy

Server: Golden

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 21 days

Ban Date: 2019 - 11 - 29

Round ID: 9641

Ban Reason: obvious metagrudge, decided to grief a guy who caught him breaking into departments previous round by morphine overdose and straight jacket-ing him

Appeal Reason: Don’t ever recall this specific instance even occurring, the last time anything close to this happened was days ago and was towards a clown while I was roleplaying as a clown chaplain. I never killed him initially and he was eventually taken by a traitor cmo and given an objective through surgery in which I had to kill him since he attacked me and was an antag at that point. The context of this is so vague I am almost convinced this is an entirely different occurrence being talked about as I had never meta grudged anyone.

Additional Information: I have a rough history on beestation, some bans I both agree and disagree with but regardless I have been trying to set my reputation straight as of late and avoid bans as much as possible but past rep is making this nearly impossible.

you got banned as a result of reviewing of this player report

the first thing you said when you spawned in round 8576:

[2019-10-31 07:42:17.734] SAY: MitchTheSkele/(Mitch Jones) “ok so basically, i wanna annoy someone by drugging them then putting a straight jacket on em” (Medbay Central (138, 123, 2))
[2019-10-31 07:42:39.136] SAY: MitchTheSkele/(Mitch Jones) “i gotta have like” (Medbay Central (136, 118, 2))
[2019-10-31 07:42:46.116] SAY: MitchTheSkele/(Mitch Jones) “a 40 unit morphine patch” (Medbay Central (136, 118, 2))
[2019-10-31 07:43:12.463] SAY: MitchTheSkele/(Mitch Jones) “name it bruise patch though” (Medbay Central (135, 118, 2))

though you used syrgine gun to shot noobgamergirl with morphine
metagrudge is a big no no, we issue a long ban or perma for metagrudge.
the ban stays, i’ll leave this thread open for a while if someone wants to make an input

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