Miriamhorn banned by Szczebrzeszyn

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Server Ban
Ban Length:
1 day
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2024-06-09 22:26:21
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Antagonist Conduct/Griefing. As clock cultist plasmaflooded the station before opening the ark.
Appeal Reason:
I agree that I really messed up by playing with fire which resulted in others death, the punishment is certainly warranted considering the damage, but I believe it’s still at least worth noting that the ban reason feels rather vague, leaving out the fact that this happened 5 minutes before the ark opening, and that it was not exactly done maliciously as the current reason may imply but out of confusion I had with the rules, the ticket itself should also show that.

It has been over two years since I last rolled clockies and so I assumed that one of the messages that pops out and exposes our existence to all of the station

“The Ark’s many cogs suddenly whir to life, steam gushing out of its many crevices; it will open in 5 minutes!”

meant that it was the green light rules wise to start sabotaging the station even further to make station side’s harder on fighting us, I acknowledge that I did it 5 minutes way too early from the actual green light to do so and even so it was kind of stinky.

I don’t expect an unban at all, just because I didn’t pay attention it certainly doesn’t justify what I did but I certainly would at least like some rewording on the reason to better reflect why this happened for the sake of notekeeping, as it feels really vague right now and doesn’t really explain how or why.
Additional Information:


Don’t you just get instantly teleported when the ark starts opening?
Doesn’t this ban mean you literally just can’t sabotage the station as a clock cultist? And if so, why?
Blood cultists definitely get to start plasmaflooding when they reach halos if they do it correctly (like, against all of brig for example), why is it not possible for clock cult?

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But you instantly get teleported to the ark when the portals announce, so this just means no sabotage allowed at all for clock cult?
Even when the crew is aware, the warning is given (like Miriam saw and the rest of the crew did), clock cult simply cannot do things like that?
Like, in the rules you posted, the message Miriam and others received IS a warning that portals are going to open, too (unless this is a clock cult only message)

I am not judging the validity of whether it should be a thing or not, I genuinely want to know what’s the stance on clock cult sabotage.

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Okay so lets get to the meat:

You flooded the station before portals were announced effectively murderboning without escalation rights to do it.
Removing fuckton of people in truly grieferish manner, without giving them a chance for le grande finalle they’ve been awaiting half of the shift (epic ark fight) doesn’t look good for you either.

Let’s assume I’m missing something and describe how would you reword this ban to better reflect on what you did.