Miriam Hornet report

In-game report:

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Miriam Hornet

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 30/12/2021

Round Number: 35061

Rules Broken: Rule 8

Incident Description: As an antag without the hijack the shuttle objective, killed a huge amount of people at evac for no reason. They weren’t suspected and they weren’t trying to protect themselves.

Additional Information: Also they metaganged with Marilyn all round but not enough proof to report that

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It was just the CMO, I doubt anyone else died although I didn’t stay behind to watch. From your wording you make it sound like we maxcapped departures. It was a ball of firebreath which hit the CMO directly. Twice.

Oh also I was brainwashed. That’s probably important to add.

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If it was just the CMO, why murder still? Miriam had no objectives related to the CMO. Also I was spectating so I saw that it did in fact hit multiple people. From what I gathered watching Miriam just wanted to do it for fun. Due to the fact she said “imma firing my laser” and was laughing when she got the gene saying “have fun”

You were only brainwashed because you are her friend and stay with her for countless rounds. But the reports not about that or you, its about Miriam

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Also as brainwashed I don’t blame you at all, I blame Miriam

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Because yknow, something, something head of staff.

Traitor has no obligation to kill a head of staff simply because they exist, especially since they knew nothing about you or Miriam since you had been stealthy up until then


I haven’t looked at the full report yet, nor do i have any context to the situation or something. Just my two cents from reading over your comment here.

I’m very sure that heads of staff fall under the same clause that security does. They are free to be killed by antagonists at any time. But low collateral methods must be used. Similar to how it is with security.


Even when said head is standing peacefully at evac waiting for shuttle?

It was firebreath and a few people got caught in the blast, considering evac was rather crowded

I don’t have context so i don’t know. But again, they are free to be killed at any time as long as low collateral methods are used. Atleast that’s how i understood it.

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Regardless of their situation, suspicion or if they are armed or not, heads of staff and security are free game, even though they throw piss and salt in dchat, rules are rules.

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Fair enough then, CMO’s death is no longer an arguing point for me, but my point still stands that firebreath was used which caused collateral damage

It didn’t kill anyone else though, it just set them on fire and launched them across evac.

Oh? I could have sworn someone died.

If not then I apologise to both Miriam and Marilyn

It’s very non lethal to anyone but the person who was directly hit by it besides the one fire stack I guess.

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Unless it has the chromosome that buff the damage, that can leave you in hard crit if you get it

(I don’t remember if the pr that nerfed it made by zesko went through)

If hit directly by it yes. At one point Miri point blank (literally one tile next to me) fireballed me and she was barely harmed.


I am well aware about the murderboning rule and intended to only use the fire breath to hit CMO and CMO only but they were leaving from medbay which was empty to evac which was kind of populated. There were around four people - A cargo tech, a borg, and two others, I would hardly consider a room with 4+ people huge though and they were rather out of the way which I assumed that they’d be safe from the radius, I did wait for a better time to use the fire breath so it didn’t unnecessarily hurt any innocents.

Unlike what your report says, none of that has happened, the fire breath was all that I had used and even then it alone isn’t powerful enough to kill either, it really only hurts if you have been hit directly by it otherwise you’ll just get launched across the room and set to fire.

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Seems legit, I must have misinterpreted what happened.

Feel free to close this report, and sorry for wasting everyone’s time