Miriah banned by RukoFamicom

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

CKEY: Miriah

Admin’s CKEY: RukoFamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 01/18/2021

Round ID: 26192

Ban Reason: "Terrible RP, already warned once to improve. Appeal on the forums if you would like to rejoin the RP server when you are ready to follow “Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional. Act like it.”

Appeal Reason:
I don’t agree with this rule, I think it should be changed to better represent the actual game. SS13, and Sage as a server specifically, is not a serious setting.

Firstly, related to the part of “adult”, I’ve two issues. Yes, our characters are grown adults, yet this does not tell us much about a character’s personality. Adulthood holds a wide range of ages, usually from 18 onwards. People within this wide range of ages can act “immaturely”, playfully, cheerfully, lighthearted, irrationally, while still being adults. I believe that this rule should be reworded in a more specific way if it is intended to convey that the characters should act maturely, seriously, calmly. We could even go to the Big Five model of personality to be more specific, if this is what is actually intended: Conscientious, moderate on agreeableness, low on anxiety, low on openness. Secondly, I disagree with the idea that characters in SS13 or Sage Station should be limited to this range of personalities, as the setting itself is a joke, a game, one with a myriad of self-aimed puns, comedy, absurdities, and lightheartedness. There’s space-wizards, a sort of tongue-in-cheek self awareness of the setting and the characters with a constant fourth-wall dynamic, characters who frequently and casually aknowledge being in a series of shifts where the station often gets destroyed and dying to job-hazards is common.

Moving on to “professional”, again, I think that Nanotrasen, if we look at it closely, is almost purposely hiring incompetent or lackluster personel. This is even a common part of the game, where this huge but comically inept company has these stations akwardly staffed, sometimes with redundancies that don’t make sense, or sending internal affair agents to kill their own, or mining plasma which in the lore seems to be poorly understood. What kind of “professionals” can we expect from a company that’s comically imcompetent? Well, in my opinion, imcompetent professionals.

Am I saying serious characters don’t belong in this setting, or shouldn’t be allowed? No. I think they contrast with their environment so much that it highlights the hilarity of the game. It’s funny to see someone RPing a serious character in the 30-50 minute shift of madness. But to ask all players to fit into that small canvas is against the nature and purpose of the game.

The game is a joke, and I think the admins are making a mistake by giving a player a permanent ban for roleplaying as a clownish, comic character. Noone was harmed, noone’s round was ruined, just a character farted repeatedly in medbay and said they had a diarreah emergency that needed a doctor’s attention. Oh and they picked up a sniper rifle in brig.

Additional Information: admen banned me 4 no raisin

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If you don’t want to attempt roleplay, play on LRP.

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Im stuck with a burning question. Were you actually the clown when you did this?

yes we will take u. absolutely

Seems like you need to head to LRP. Disagreeing with the rules doesn’t mean you can ignore them.
There are comedic parts of the game and inherent silliness, however it is a roleplay server and there are rules about roleplaying. If you don’t wish to follow them then you shouldn’t be on the server designed for people to follow them.

I disagree with some of the rules but they exist and should be followed.

I was roleplaying though, just because my character does pranks, has mental disabilities doesn’t mean they don’t belong in Sage.

What a way to start an appeal. I didn’t even read the rest, because we already have a server where you can play the character you were trying to.

To the extent you were doing it? Yes it does.