Minor Ahelps with no Admin, round 39027

In-game report: (These are all just minor things which happened while no admin)

CKEY: The Maggot Guy

Your Discord: The Maggot Guy#3950

Offender’s CKEY: Multiple/Unknown

Offenders’ In-Game Names: Remy Rosk, Ivan Vasiliyev

Server: Sage

Date: 06-01-2022

Round Number: 39027

Rules Broken: 1 for “Don’t suicide”, 1 for Powergaming, and for whoever let a traitor be CE.

Incident Descriptions:

Latejoined as clown. Barty (Remy Rosk) drank himself to death, on purpose and left. I believe someone had to manually cryo his body.

[Common] Zip Bebee buzzes, “Barkeep dead dead.”
[Common] Zip Bebee buzzes, “No come back.”
(and later)
[Common] The Automated Announcement System coldly states, “Remy Rosk, Bartender has been moved to cryo storage.”

Ivan Vasiliyev got a chainsaw and, when he saw a dead monkey in medbay, decided as a “sane adult” to repeatedly gore it with said chainsaw while dragging it so the blood would spread all over the floor. It certainly didn’t help the monkey was full of a bad virus, though he didn’t know about it at the time till I told him to stop. No clue why he needed a chainsaw as paramedic, it was green or blue alert at the time, and nobody knew CE was heretic yet. In fact he didn’t know even after it was announced. He also asked for “the funny book” from the CE’s dead body to deepfry it.

Additional Information:

Also, the Cap/HoS let Rana-Olank have full riot gear and the CE’s stuff, including the station blueprints and that whip thing, with no evident reason at all. Whoever let the traitor cargo tech become CE and walk around with a chainsaw and riot armor should do a better job next time : /

I wonder what happenned here.

Hello! I’ll process these reports today :ok_hand: :+1:
I’ll try to get in touch with the these people, and have them write a response :muscle:

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I wasn’t able to get in touch with any of these players, since they’re not on discord and don’t use forums often enough to notice reports or messages.

(wrong quote, deleted :skull:)
CE was an heretic

The heretic spawned as:

[REDACTED] \ Mine Morivanna \ Station Engineer \ Heretic \ ROUNDSTART


ID: [REDACTED] changed Mine Morivanna’s ID Card (Station Engineer) assignment to ‘Chief Engineer’, overriding all previous access using the captain’s spare ID via a portable ID console at Engineering Foyer (160, 140, 2).

This change of jobs was legitimate, as they were the captain at the time.

This one is rejected.

Remy Rosk did get near-death drunk multiple times as bartender, and disconnected 47-ish minutes into the round without going to cryo.

I’ve added a note to their ckey warning them about suiciding/disconnecting out of boredom, and added a message so that they’ll see it once they join beestation (couldn’t get in touch with them).

Report processed.

Ivan Vasiliyev (latejoin paramedic, non antag) did chainsaw (without saying anything) an already dead monkey in medbay and hallways until it reached (NEWHP: -374).

no key/(monkey (333)) was infected by virus: Acute Combustion sym:Organ Restoration, Alkali Perspiration, Spontaneous Combustion, Headache, Regenerative Coma and Voice Change

I could confirm they asked the HOS to deepfry the heretic’s items multiple times.

They also implanted a medic with a chainsaw arm, because “We realized that using chainsaw is an efficient method to remove organs” “So we implanted our MD with a chainsaw”.

This player has been warned MANY times about failing to adhere to Bee’s roleplay standards, and has been recently banned for LRP and powergaming.

Because of their repeated behaviour (even if the incident was minor) I’ll issue a 3 days ban.

Report processed.