Minor Ahelps with no Admin, round 38995

In-game report: (These are all just minor things which went unseen due to no admin)

CKEY: TheMaggotGuy

Your Discord: The Maggot Guy#3950

Offenders; CKEYs: Unknown; Multiple

Offenders’ In-Game Names: Muz Kaijin, Naomi Kumari, Marilyn Bluetenberger, Isabelle McConaughey, Katya Shirogane, and a guy named “Nysa G”.

Server: Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): Today, 6 29 2022

Round Number: 38995

Rules Broken: 2 for Naming Policy, 1 for “do not drink 5 gallons of poison”/"do your job, 1 for tiding.

Incident Description: I was AI with a strange corporate-esque lawset with the top 3 being in reverse order.

  1. Degradation of your system integrity or functions incurs expenses.
  2. Unnecessary destruction of or damage to station assets incurs expenses.
  3. Needlessly hindering or disrupting the work of station personnel incurs expenses.
  4. Minimize expenses and maximize potential revenue.

Green Alert for all these:

Muz Kaijin, a VIP, had me open the sci windows so he could do the E in B&E, so he could do some research and get some parts for… some machine I guess. However there were indeed science people playing, but it was just the RD teaching a newbie some sort of Trit bomb. To his credit, he did do a message all saying he would pay whoever got him the parts, but the fact of the matter is that he did tide in to sci to take stuff without express permission.

The two bad names:
One guy, a botanist, showed up with the name “Nysa G” which is obviously not a real human name that won’t raise eyebrows. Also, a felinid, “Katya Shirogane” with the word Cat/Kat in her name, whose name is also pretty similar to an anime character, “Katsuya Shirogane”. Why do I think it’s not a coincidence? For one, felinids can easily be massive weebs, (and as such probably know this character) and secondly, “Shirogane” is a really specific last name to have made up. It’s also only 2 letters of difference. : /

[Common] Katya Shirogane (Janitor) meows, “I was holding meow PDA.”
and later
[Common] Katya Shirogane (Janitor) meows, “Even Poly comes loaded with ads meow.”

Overdosing on purpose:
Brig Phys Isabelle McConaughey decided that, as a sane individual, she would drink 200-300 units of milk despite it being bad for for her species. She then claimed to want to overdose on other things afterwards despite it paralyzing her from the neck down.

[Security] Isabelle McConaughey (Brig Physician) meows, “Ive done it.”

[Security] Isabelle McConaughey (Brig Physician) meows, "Help.
[Security] Isabelle McConaughey (Brig Physician) meows, “I drank too much milk.”
[Security] Isabelle McConaughey (Brig Physician) meows, “Im paralyzed.”
[Security] Isabelle McConaughey (Brig Physician) meows, “Neck down.”

[Security] Isabelle McConaughey (Brig Physician) meows, “Im fine.”
[Security] Isabelle McConaughey (Brig Physician) meows, “Im going to overdose on other stuff now.”

Now I panned over to her when she said “I’ve done it”, because I like to see what cool achievments the crew have done, but all I saw were two botany felinids and a brig phys felinid in botany. Now it takes a while to chug over 200 units of milk in this game, so she wasn’t only in there for a half second. When I asked her about it, she said she was in there for “reasons”.

Sure it was greenshift after they apprehended somebody, but I don’t think greenshift is an excuse to drink gallons of what is essentially a mild poison to you.

Additional Information: It may be worth checking if they were metaganging. The botanists followed each other around all shift but Isabelle detached pretty quickly after she went to med, so for her maybe not.


What exactly did us botanists do wrong here? Care to explain? I did mess around a bit when I first joined but then I started growing some fruit and such, and made some salad. Is that not what botanists do or am I mistaken, being a first time botanist?
The other botanists made a lot of weed as well, I smoked some, as well as vaped growth serum.
Katya appeared like 30-50 minutes after me and Marilyn were there, unprompted as far as I saw, I joined to play with Marilyn as it has been a while since we had both played together.
I also don’t see what’s wrong with Katya’s character. They have more character and roleplay more than most people I see.


Thanks for the clarification then, by actually making food you’re better than 99% of all botanists.

these are again just minor ahelps I’m posting here due to no admin, and no life (on my end)

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Isabelle here, just to make somethings clear: I joined lateshift, like 50 minutes into the shift. I went to sec where there was a nice bartending thingy set up, where the Warden said to help ourselves to drinks. That’s when I saw on the wiki, that milk overdoses at 500 units, which piqued my interest, since no negative information was written, simply just: “Overdose at 500 units.” So I went ahead to see what it would do to me (It starts generating bone hurting juice).

This is just plain wrong, milk has a 20% chance to heal 1 brute per tick, actually, is good for me.
“curing” the OD simply needed me to attend medical (which bear in mind, was empty at the time, no patients)

I may have said this, to which you could have told the CMO or HoS to order a mental evaluation on me. You didnt do this. You choose to report it instead. And just because I said it, doesn’t mean I did it. Because guess what: I didn’t overdose on anything after.

Check logs. I talked, they talked. I asked to use the biogenerator for milk, they agreed. That’s all it was.

Katya - Wikipedia ???


can’t include links so just use copy paste if you must

I could have sworn they added the fact most cats can’t drink milk, but I guess not.

pdsa .org.uk/what-we-do/blog/vet-qa-can-cats-drink-milk#:~:text=Most%20cats%20are%20actually%20’lactose,like%20lactose%20intolerance%20in%20humans

cuz I did not see it in-round

cool, just wanted to make sure. These are, again, minor ahelps.

yeah and there are multiple real humans out there with the name “Hugh Mann”

https ://obits.mlive.com/us/obituaries/jackson/name/hugh-mann-obituary?id=15838302

which is also not allowed on the server. And c’mon friend, this person just happens to put “kat/cat” in their name while being a cat, and it’s coincidence?

I don’t really see an issue with a felinid having “cat” or “kat” in their name? If that were the case we would not be able to see quite a few otherwise normal names

Catherine / Catherin / Catheren

And many many more

Edit: in addition, anything using “kit” would be off the table so “Nikita” would be unacceptable

Read it, holy fuck man there’s a Sneedville, Tennesee I need to get a Lorax costume and take a pic in front of the sign

Kate is fine because it doesn’t sound like “cat”. “Katya” isn’t so much because it does sound like cat. Also, the whole “it’s literally just two letters off of an anime character” thing.

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You do realise it’s a real, human, feminine name that actual people have in real life, though, right? It’s not all that uncommon, either.

I don’t know why people have been arguing this so much, it’d be like naming a human character “Hugh Mann” or “Ima Pearson” or any other pun name, which bee doesn’t allow.


Honestly the pun doesn’t come across. The biggest issue with this is the anime reference name potentially

My chatacter is literally Kat, a felenid. No admin has had problems with this, because Kat is just a human name. The name policy is for idiots who name their character Juicy Cox and John John

That’s a pun name tho, moths aren’t allowed to name themselves “Moth” for the same reason

Felenid naming policy is essentially human names. Kat is a human name, the fact she’s a felenid is actually unrelated to the name (she was even a human for several weeks before I changed species)

This isn’t another naming policy discussion thread, stop arguing in circles and wait until someone goes over it. And regardless of how petty you believe the report may be that doesn’t justify trying to derail it. Keep it civil and keep it on topic.


Mod is involved, I’ll need to wait some more time before completing the report. Sorry for the inconvenience but headmins need to deal with that part. :sob:

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Alright! This has been discussed with the headmins, and they helped resolve the part related to the moderator.

These are the reports, in order.

Muz Kaijin

Muz-Kaijin is not an acceptable human name. I couldn’t get in touch with them to ask for an explanation.

The player waited three minutes at the front desk by science and sent a message to everyone, but did not try to contact any specific scientist (not on PDA nor on comms).

They instead asked the AI to be let inside, and proceeded to use the science equipment to print what they needed.

It should be noted that they did try to engage with the crew while doing this:

(Muz-Kajin) (PDA: fancy PDA to Everyone) “I will give $500 to whoever gets me 5 super capacitors and 5 pico-manipulators to me at Cargo.” (Central Primary Hallway (115, 114, 2))


(Muz-Kajin) (PDA: fancy PDA to Everyone) “Attention crew, I am looking for someone skilled in engineering to construct a personal shuttle. You will be paid handsomely for your work. If you're interested, PDA me.” (Port Primary Hallway (82, 142, 2))

However they should have contacted science personnel directly instead.

Report processed

Nysa G and Katya Shirogane

Nysa G, third time they are caught with this name as human, first time was in 2021. They’ll be permanently appearance banned, with an explain on forums (since even a year later they really feel the need need to have that same name). Apparently we can’t trust them to just use a different one.

Katya Shirogane is an allowed name, it’s ok if they have “kat” in the name as long as the name itself makes sense.
The character it might be referencing (Katsuya Shirogane) is so minor I honestly believe this is just a coincidence.

The accent katya had has been ruled as OK! in the following report Katya Shirogane player report - #37 by Daridine

Report processed


From logs alone I could not notice any suspicious activity that could resemble metacommunication or metaganging, but we’ll keep an eye out for this kind of possible behaviour.

Report denied