Miner optional objective

Let it be known that having “Use a Luxury Bar Capsule by the end of the shift” would make for a Rockin Optional objective for Miners.


this is now a objective suggestion thread
give us like a +2 trait that gives us one at roundstart please

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Alternatively, “gain a total of 5000/10000 mining points before the end of the shift” would also be good.

Purchase Jump Boots and use them as your only means of travel while on the station.


Please keep your random baloney in general please.

-3 for the slightly fun trait, take it or leave it

But what’s the actual downside? What if you don’t do the objective? Get daybanned? Otherwise you just get 2 free trait points.

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0 point trait if anything
or just give it to everyone lol


Yeah I suspected people were talkin about a trait, like Optional objectives are just something you can toggle to have in preferences, IDK what they do but it’s nice to have em.

-1 trait “perfectionist” - “You’ve been told to do something and you’ll be damned if you don’t do it to the letter” - Negative mood modifier that gets worse the longer your optional objective goes uncompleted, think Obsession lite.

but that’s just spit balling, really Optional objectives are just an optional thing that you can be given to spice up the shift

Negative traits are supposed to give points, not take them away.

It also won’t work with jobs like medical or cargo because their conditions are checked at the end of the round and/or take a while so keep trying

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i forgot to set it to -2 and forgot how traits work fuck

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yeah what he said :sweat:

Optional Objective:

Don’t die

That’s just a given one for legit everyone, but in similar spirit…
Q.M. Optional objective: ensure [?] number of miners are not dead by the end of the shift.