Mikk364 Banned by Admin whyiscaeciliustaken


**Admin’s CKEY:**whyiscaeciliustaken

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**Golden

**Ban Type:**Server

**Ban Length:**7 days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**04.27.2020

**Round ID:**15187

**Ban Reason:**Maxcapped science as a nonantag because someone said “do it no balls”

**Appeal Reason:**Okay so i was having a normal round as a scientist. Making Sciencia banners researching stuff you know the usual. Then while doing a patrol around the primary hallway i see Brick Lowe (I think it was him) breaking into captians office. But he was found out and he ran. Soon after the HOP and CMO were dragging the captians locker away presumably to get its contents to themself so i and some other people tried to stop them to gain the locker for themselves. Then after getting shot i ran and the CMO was after me with his telescopic baton so he hit me down with his baton and handcuffed me then he was dragging me about the place while i was handcuffed. In that moment i got mad and started thinking how i could screw his department over. Then i had the tought of a tank transfer valve bomb and when the hop finally let me go i went to Toxins to plan my revenge i found a another scientist making a maxcap so i asked him to make me one aswell. Then We had a scuffle with the RD about the maxcap and in the fight i managed to get the maxcap in my possesion then the other scientist said Allah or no balls. Then my temptation got the best of me and i opened the tank transfer valve releasing a really big explosion destroying most of science then i was around as a ghost for awhile while the other scientist was defending me in ooc chat that went on until a admin came and saw my destruction and banned me.
I admit that i am guilty and i apologize to the RD whose round i ruined.
I would just like it to turn into a Whole science department job ban.

Additional Information:

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I mean, a week for maxcapping after being nonlethally detained for trying to steal the captain’s locker seems about right. You weren’t an antagonist, so bombing a critical department just because someone “told you to” is a big no no. The CMO (I presume) was not the person who shot you / shot at you, so this is overescalation on a couple different fronts.

Denied. Let it sit. Even if someone in sci consented, any latejoiners would be out of a job.