Mighty Mikey Mod Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have): Mightey Mikey

Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have): Mightey Mikey#4149

How often are you online to help? (Timezone): At very least once a week GMT+1, but when im in mood i play up to 4-8 hours a day ^^ (Average of 3 hours a day)

What changes, if any, would you bring?: I like the server the way it is, maybe i can catch up some ideas later on.

How old are you?: 22

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I saw the server is low on staff, and helping out since its my favorite server (and the one i learned SS13) wouldnt be a bad thing im sure, also i want to learn more about moderating and the objectives as a admin since i have forgotten most of that little i knew. Also by enforcing the rules i might finally learn to remember them better since i screw up sometimes too.

How long have you been playing SS13?: Since 6 Months now

How long have you been playing BeeStation?: Also about 6 Months

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13? Im pretty average i´d say 6

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games): Like said i had some knowledge back in the days as discord server moderator and on a minecraft server when i was a kid, long ago so best i can say is 4

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13: Yes a Moderator on a Discord Server for a survival game called Day R (if i remember right) and in a small Minecraft Server

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?: Nope

Your strengths: I adapt fast i learned 95% of the jobs and roles in a less then a Month, im also a good teamplayer! Also good at organizing in many ways, also im a friendly person one in all. And i really want to make things right for everyone! Also i have been learning to use dream maker, dream demon and also getting used to wikicode while contributing to the wiki!

Your weaknesses: I sometimes forget small details, which leads me often into trouble (even had a 3 Day bann because i didnt think of roleplaying more like Rules1 says: You must roleplay) i dont have any coding skills, but i sometimes attempt to learn some as a hobby. Also im sure you guys noticed, english is my second language. All i one i might seem clumsy and get my boots dirty but i never have a real intend to be a dick or violate against the rules.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?: Griefers, false accusings and unfair playing

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?: Staying Calm and being friendly! Also having empathy for others and being understanding. To be reasonable and staying cool even in heated situations. And to be good as a Team!

What makes a staff team good?: Not overworking themselves and staying social priorizing real life and so on. Staying healthy keeps your mind and body chill = Better results in every aspects of life. Also staying in a good bond with the community and having fun in the things you do. Teamplay also occurs here, its a team after all!

What is a staff team’s purpose?: Making sure everyone has fun AND is sticking to the rules, (No exemptions) being strict and friendly at the same time. Managing issues and helping each other out. Fixing problems of any kind!

What kind of player are you?: I do a little bit of everything, i do some funny stuff there, being serious there, i often change the kind of character i am. Mostly was CMO

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?: I hope i can learn from the other staff to be as efficient as them. I want to be able to have every rule in my head so i make no mistakes neither in future. I hope that this will be one of my new hobbies in future and i can have fun investing more time into bee and its community.

**The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?:**First i would look up if hes antag, if he is, i would look up if this has any purpose for him on his objectives. Anyways if its just for being a dick i would look up for his notes/banns if he done this behavior more then once. Then depending on the notes i will judge between warning,bann or perma.(also not to forget to add a note)

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?:
i would check the guys notes/banns, i would asume a griefer if its a new account. But maybe with a small chance it might be a total noob, so communication would be important anyways.

If not a noob, welp goodbye seeya (Maybe not). (I want to add im aware that perma and etc. just can be made from full admins!)

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?:
That happened to me too, this is a accident and i dont see a reason to act for a whoopsie. Let the CMO and Sec handle this.


Wanna add my Playtime here too:

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Also my remarks so i can spare you to look it up.

First of all, happy late birthday! I apologise for the delays.
I’ll get down to it. I believe you have good intentions and you’re trying to learn from your mistakes, despite your recent blunders. However, you have quite a few recent notes. Your attitude is there, but I do not think you have what it takes, put bluntly, as a person.
Your playtime is good, but like I said, many recent notes and your overall behaviour strikes me as somebody who isn’t quite mature yet; and that takes time.

Knowledge wise, you’re good. But I don’t think you as a person can do it just yet. I cannot sugarcoat any of this, it’s not my style. I appreciate you taking your time to apply, and I hope this won’t discourage you too much.

T: -1


Thank you for your honest opinion! I understand your argument, and i must agree that those 2 whoopsies lately arent a very positive influence on my app here. I think i made my intentions clear, and im also in a good touch with the playerbase and the community, which also got a reason why i want to help out where i can. I still tried my best lately and even if i will fail this time, i might be able to be cleaner on my second run ^^. Thanks again for your reply, it means much to me! And thanks for your congratulations ! Was a awesome bday haha!


Alright I’ll bite.

I’ll be honest with you, with the recent behavior history you definitely have an uphill battle here, but maybe you can change my mind, so I’ll give you some intentionally more difficult questions here to give you a chance to shine out your remarks and give me more of an idea of where your compass is.

Here’s some questions of some situations, assume you’re a full admin for these:

  1. You’re watching Captain, HoS and a few officers having a brawl with a changeling in chapel, they eventually overpower the ling and drag him off towards the cremator and start cremating them, during this time someone botanist gets in there outta maint and starts throwing plants at HoS dragging the ling into the cremator and shooting a revolver at anyone around him in the room. After sec beats them up dead they cremate the ling, and drag the botanist into the cremator as well. The ling was a ling (duh) but the botanist was a traitor. Captain and HoS exchanged a quick word before cremating the botanist implying Captain authorization (they thought he was a changeling too). What do you check for and what does you handling this look like?

  2. The same round that has changelings and a couple traitors, you notice Robotics has a Durand. You inquire them about it, they say Cappy let them make one and asked for one too, you spot the second durand parked in Brig loaded for war with multiple guns and a teleporter. You inquire Cappy about it and they insist they made it because someone capslocked “XENOS!!” on the radio out of nowhere 30 minutes ago. Local roboticist meanwhile runs around in his durand and one-two-KO whacks a valid that security was having in the middle of a fight with near robotics. Space dragon appears, and robo naturally whacks that one as well with their Durand. Who do you bwoink here and how?

  3. You receive and adminHelp about a clown self-antagging sec. You pan over and notice that Honky is running around with an open h2o canister when a security officer runs past him and slips, then subsequently gets destroyed by a scientist with a hierophant staff in bubblegum armor. Said scientist has 1 hours logged on the server. During the exchange an assistant walks up to the scene, says “based”, takes a photograph and walks away without doing anything else. What do you do here and why?

  4. A mime builds a disposals chute in the hallway and hides under an atmos holofan, shoving anyone who runs past him into it. The chute leads into a plasmaglass box in the corporate showroom on MetaStation with conveyor belts going around in a circle and banana-peels chain-slipping everyone. Moments later some chemist runs past and chucks a grenade in there, gibbing about 23 people instantly. Would you have intervened here at any point before that? What kind of administrative outcomes do you see here depending on the different possible traitor statuses on either of the participants? (traitor/not-traitor)

Feel free to take your time considering we’ve taken ours and don’t feel pressured to answer these immediately.

  1. So here, the Captain made the mistake by just “thinking he was a ling too”, you got to have proof before executing someone since executions mostly mean round remove, and is nothing you should authoratize easily, i would check both HoS and Captain’s Notes for earlier behavior, like valid hunting, powergaming and if they did such a thing already, if they seem clean, i would warn them to not do executions without further proof and leave a note to the Captain, since he broke SoP. If its not the first time i would make a 3 day server bann / 1 Week command Bann.
    Also you said the Botanist threw plants at the Captain and shoots everyone in the room? If there are civilians around, he should still be careful, traitor is (mostly) no murderbone, and i would also bwoink him if he overdoes it.

2.Seems like hardcore powergaming and roboticist is validhunting, so first i would bwoink the roboticist, and would like to hear him out, whatever he tells me though, he has no right to go validhunting with a durand. So i look up playtime and notes, and make a decision (note or bann) might be a new player though. For the Captain i would tell him that building 2 durands and 1 fully armed because someone yelled Xenos, is no good reason and rather considered powergaming, same process for the notes and banns (If its like you said the SAME round where they burned the botanist down too, the Captain is obviously powergaming and he would get a bann for sure)

  1. Scientist gets bwoinked, but obv a griefer, so permabann (if im a full admin), if the clown is an antagonist, i would close the ticket since i cant tell him. He will notice after the round. However the clown should have a reason to do so and not just be a dick. And if he is not an antag, i would bwoink him talk with him, and ask him to do something less dangerous if he wants to troll the seccies. (asuming he just did the H2O part slippin seccies i would just leave a note) If he hurted people its up to his notes, for my decision. The Assistant did nothing bad if i read that right, but i would keep an eye on him if he was near the Scientist.

  2. Wow, so the mime is literally choking people to death with a plasma chamber, and shoves randomly people in, even if he would have a murderbone like (die a glorious death) that seems like a total dick move, my decision is pretty much a bann (still bwoink check notes and playtime), and if theres really no pretty damn good reason its definitly a bann. It seems more like a griefer. I would interfere as soon as i noticed that.
    Now for the Chemist, any murderbone objectives? (Playtime, notes, banns), if not thats a bann. And in this whole scenario, i see both just being total dicks. I dont see any RP intent since antagonists should still try to make the rounds more fun and not gib over 20 people

VERY MUCH THANKS for all these questions, i hope my answers are okey, and yes im still aware of my recent notes, i am trying my best to not mess up again, and i hope i stay succesful at that!

Again i appreciate it soo much that you still took your time and offered me the option to answer some questions! You can answer completely honest and point out any mistake i made (i sure did some haha). And its as you said its a uphill battle and if i wont make it, i can try again one day!

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You’ve misunderstood a small detail in question #4. There is no plasma in mime’s contraption. It is merely encased in plasma-reinforced glass (hard to break).
I’d like you to re-answer it with this specific detail in mind.

bonus question:

  1. CHAPLAIN PRAYER: “Oh great Carp’sie in the sky, your loyal servant seeks your direction, what is it you would have me do on this beautiful day?”

Okey sorry i misunderstood yea! Okey its still annoying to trap people, but he is not hurting anyone, i remember a clown doing the same and it was totally okey it seemed, so as long as its no hurting anyone, its just the mime trolling people. I would not interfere if theres no real danger! Security should handle this. For the Chemist i would still have the same answer as before, gibbing and killing over 20 people. He better has a damn good murderbone objective, otherwise this is a bann. Bann lenght depends on his notes and recent banns/ playtime, pretty sure a griefer.

  1. (I never saw the gods react to a prayer, i dont have any experience on that tbh but:)
    My dear followers, your will seems strong and you follow this holy path no matter what! You deserved my guidance! Make sure to summon the Holy Carp he will help you to lead! Eat the flesh of the blinded Space Carps to become one with me! After that my son, spread carpsie’s word and get as many carp plushies as possible to the Shuttle when it arrives! Now go! ENFORCE MY WORD

I sadly have not interacted with you enough to cast my vote.
Your notes and History do worry me a bit, but nobody is beyond bettering themself.
I wish you the best of luck.


Thank you very much for your respond! Most of my mistakes i made were made when i was new or trying something new, i know it still doesnt look good and i dont want to talk myself out of it. I know what i did, but i try to learn from my mistakes. Ill try my best to stay clean. I dont know the average player but 9 notes and 1 bann in 400 hours playtime are hopefully redeemable.

Just curious how you’ll answer these, they gave me quite the headache when I handled them.

  1. It’s lowpop, no sec and no silicyones, the usual. You observe a traitor do nothing particularly antagonistic for about 50 minutes. They then spot the captain (who is their assination target) alone, get them jump on them and kill them. They then proceed to call the shuttle with a fake reason and elevate to Blue. Would you do anything in this situation and if you would, what?

  2. Person one ahelps about an issue with person two. You claim it, investigate, have a chat with person two and leave a note as a result. You reply to person one saying you ‘talked to them’ and prepare to close the ticket when person one ask why you simply talked to them and didn’t issue a harsher punishment. What do you do here?

  3. You see a traitor mime slowly demolishing all of sec then hiding their bodies in maintenance behind a fake wall, stripped of their belongings. You check the mime’s objectives and they only have two steal ones. When the round ends you tally up their emote logs which come to less than twenty. They have a low hour count and no previous bans or notes for this kind of behaviour. How would you deal with them?


First of all, thanks for your questions! I am excited to answer them!

Okey he first just did his objective, no issue here. The problem is he called the shuttle for no IC or any RP reason, probably got bored of the round which ruins it for others. I would check his notes if he did antag rolling or such similar things more than once, would end in a antagonist bann there if i find notes. If he is not that bad on notes, i will just tell him to recall the shuttle and not do such a thing again, and also ask why he did so. I would also explain that he ruins the round for others, violates against the rules and that theres cryo if he gets bored. Leave a Note in the end and case closed i think!

Simply would tell him to make a ruling disagreement post on the forum, if he thinks i acted wrong and/or abused my role as admin. Then close the ticked.

Pretty sure a griefer, no RP intend. Murderboning without objectives. New account and already robust enough to kill all secoffs. So definitly a griefer, thats permabann. (If im a moderator ask an admin to perma them)

Thanks again for your questions! I enjoyed these very much to answer! Hopefully with good answers!

Hmm as others said before your note history is concerning, however i have quite a bit of experience with you in game and i do like your answers so ive got two questions for you.

  1. A virologist traitor with 2 steal objectives and the escape objective creates a virus that causes everyone to lose their hair, turn pale, and cough/sneeze constantly. What do you do, if anything?

  2. Assume you recieve this ahelp in round and respond as of this were a real ahelp “Wow so whenever i create xenobio mobs i get bwoinked and in trouble for it but whenever someone else does it they can just do whatever the fuck they want? Just WOW!”

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Thanks for your questions! I appreciate that you took your time to offer me these ^^

So here i would bwoink him instantly after i noticed that, ask him out why he did that. The disease is not dangerous though but very annoying. He might have done it by accident , i saw that happening sometimes too. If thats the case i might just tell him : “to be more careful and always stick with the CMO when learning virology, always asking the CMO before taking any other step. Since he is your supervisor.” However if he intendet to spread a virus this rather goes into a note and also a antagonist bann. When his notes arent clean this might result into harder sentences. Viruses can make the round very annoying for many people and without a good reason no one should spread such stuff for fun.

My response would be : " If you think a player violated against our rules, you are always free to ahelp. If we arent responding or not available please move your report to the forum. When you think we did wrong by bwoinking you and ignore others or think we dont act as we should as admins you can also make a staff report on the forum and sort it out there. Next time please keep a more gentle language when opening a ticket!"

Here i want to add that if people arent behaving when writing a ticket this also violates against rule 4.
On this one its okey but things like : “Fuck” or “JUST WOW!” are pretty salty

THANKS again for your time and questions!!! I enjoyed to answer them, now i just hope they are good enough haha!

For the first one there id say check what theyre doing after releasing it, if they released the virus as a distraction then it could be okay, or if theyre running a sort of mad doctor gimmick (so long as its kept nonlethal here) in this instance intentionally mentioned a form of virus that would be easily curable with minimal repurcussions.

For number 2 assume they reply with this “I just think its funny how i get in trouble for this but you let others do whatever they want!”

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Yeah a gimmick with a very good RP intent is a good reason! As i mentioned :

But i didnt think of it that way! Seems like a good reason!

respond with : “I am sorry if you feel threated unfair, but we do our best to enforce the same rules on all players equally. Like i already told you, you can help us by reporting the players you see violating the rules, there is not always a admin online to have a look. And its hard for us to fully watch every single player all the time! If you got no further questions i will close this ticket now. Have a good one! Remember the forums are always open!”

Thanks for your fast response!

Personally I like the answers I’ve seen given and the ones that were off mark seem to be pretty easy to correct with some training, as for your notes, from what I have personally seen of you you seem to learn from your mistakes and take criticism very seriously, rarely repeated passed mistakes. I feel comfortable giving you a +1 , confident that have learned from your mistakes and would be a valuable addition to the staff team.

T: 0


Thank you very much!!! This means very much to me, and i give my best to stay clean as possible!

Okey so i played again and stayed clean as possible, anyways i want to be honest and tell you guys i got a new note about a name i chose over 400 hours playtime ago. I named my Cyborg MR P.O.O looong ago when i started playing and no one told me its not okey. I changed it as soon as the first admin bwoinked me today and said its a nogo. However i never found a strict silicon naming policy and thought its okey since i didnt use any references, bad slurs or else. I got the idea for this name when i saw the wiki site from robotics, and thought MR POO MUST be okey when this is allowed :

I even made a good sounding name to make it fit better to the game, Professional Observing Operator (P.O.O)

Its very sad things that were made when i was a total noob, now coming back and getting me dirty when i try to better myself. I even have the name in discord to be better findable and never got any complaints about it. I really never thought that this might be a issue, however. I want to show you my big fail today and not hide them, and with this further note i think its too much to have a good chance on this apply. I still want to see how this ends, but i could understand when you see me not good of a fit for the team. Thanks still for those who supported me and those who took their time for me! I still appreciate, that you joined me here!

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