Mightey Mikey Mentor Application

Your CKEY: MightyMikey

Your Discord: mightymikey

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since August 17th 2022

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: ROYYYY (My best ingame pal) 90% as Roy Chester somewhere at medical staff ,he also teached me before i started getting good (Sadly i didnt see him for ages)

**Game Experience (More Detailed):**I now came back from my long pause from gaming, and i think i still got it! This time i might be able to make it to be a mentor, since last time i lacked on account age and ingame hours. I have played almost all jobs atleast once, and collected much experience in many departments. I probably mostly lack the knowledge of antagonists which is my biggest weakness here, since i dont play them often. My strenghts are probably Space Law and Medical these are probably my most played jobs. I hope this time i can make it, and be apart of the team, i really took my time until i finally was sure to try again. I am aware this this might be no cheesecake. Here are also my latest ingame hours:

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2 days and no questions?

  1. Im a barber, where’s my chainsaw???
  2. How do i use multicameras as an AI?
  3. I keep vomiting, what medicine do i take?
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  1. why cant i install more mods into my PKA?
  2. why cant i place the cyborg head and torso onto the endo skeleton?
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  1. How do i make paper id?
  2. Wizard made me a slime, can i now attack to them since i am a slime now?
  3. How do i ride cows? Can i put the cows on top of MuleBot?
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Hello Thanks for your questions! Lets get to them!

  1. The Chainsaw you are usually spawning with got replaced by a hatchet, because some people didnt stop to valid hunt with it.

  2. As an AI you have a row of buttons below with different functions. Just check them out one or two of these is the button for multicamms. Should be one of the right buttons with an camera on it!

3.Meclizine should stop your vomiting! Ask the chemist to make some. However you should ask an doctor for the reason of your vomiting if you dont know why you vomit.

Hope they are satisfying answers! The 2nd one might be a little unaccurate perhaps i used multicamms once in a lifetime.

Seems alright, and you have to press at least two buttons if you want to use multicams, one toggles the overlay, other adds a camera to it.


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  1. The PKA has an maximum mod capacity of 100% you can see how much is left when you examine it. Different mods have different requirements of % they need.

  2. You have to add 2 flashes into the head and wires and a power cell into the chest, before you can place them on the exo skeleton. You can also examine those bodyparts to see whats missing!

Thank your greatly for the questions, i hope my answers arent too short.

good answers have my +1

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  1. You have to use 5 Sheets of paper and a wirecutter to craft it in the crafting menu. Never done it myself though.

  2. For rules you should make an ahelp and ask an admin about it. Mentorhelps are for understanding game mechanics.

  3. To ride a cow i think you first have to tame it than you should be able to ride it by dragging yourself over it like other rides! Yes you can put cows on mule bots!

Those (1 and 3) sure were hard ones took some time to find the answers! Thanks for your questions :smiley:

Provide the full list please.

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Since ive played again the last days. The hours might be slighty changed now

Nice answers. For answer 1 it would be nice to give the menu group which is Misc. For answer 3 it would be nice to also say how to tame cows. I say +1 too.

T: +3

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  1. What sole crew role can stop a immovable rod’s movement?

  2. “Hey a guy spawned some creatures, then used something on them and now they can destroy walls in a single hit! How do I do that…?”(paraphrased, but a real quote)

  3. “Hey my speech bubble isnt working, what do I do?”(nearly verbatim from one i got)

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  1. As far as i can tell the RD is the only one who can suplex the immovable Rod by using the grabbing intend.

  2. First of i would report it to security sounds scary. Could you tell me what job he had maybe? Could be the Xenobioligist which can spawn creatures and also has access to slimes with different effects. If thats the case you might check out the wiki! Theres a whole page about that stuff,

  3. There are 2 options to chat with people. One of those is by entering the text on the chat tab bottom right, where your speech bubble will not show up. Click T to use the chat with the speech bubble.Hope that helps! Or cant you chat in general?

Wowwie those were thrilling!! The second one could be an antag or an xenobio fucking up the station hard to tell im also not that good in sci. The last one i knew from experience when i was new i never had a speech bubble cuz i used the tab on the bottom right to chat and not by clicking T.

  1. How make a roomba with knife???
  2. How the FUCK do I MOVE!!
  3. help how do i draw a heretic rune
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  1. Just get a Larry (they look like round cleanbots) and attach a knife on it. Thats all it takes for a knife roomba!

  2. Usually with the standart Keys of moving WASD. But you might be buckled on something like seats or beds check the top right of your screen, and unbuckle yourself. You also might just be stunned or asleep, you can also see these effects on the top right. If thats the case you just need to wait. Hope this helps!

3.Click on the mansus grasp icon top left on your screen, so you have it in hand. Now you can draw a rune in a 3x3 area when clicking it in your hand. This might need some time so better draw it somewhere save, otherwise people might detect you.

Thanks for your questions! The first one was the hardest for me! Even i learn with those questions hahaha!

  1. Yep! Though maybe consider telling them how to also construct a Larry, up to you!

  2. Also yep! Though, also make sure to tell them about Arrow Keys since they might not understand the complexities of hotkey mode and all that.

  3. Trick question! Ish. Heretic recently updated so you now you need to have Manus Grasp in one hand, pen in the other, and click an area with the pen to begin drawing. Oh THEY DIDN’T UPDATE THE WIKI!?! AAAA

+1! Get in here, mind the coke.



Use the TG wiki for heretic questions since it’s where our new system comes from and it’s up to date, just exclude the two extra paths and some of the rituals

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No worries i will update the page soon, since you guys now let me notice it!

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This information isnt readily available on the wiki. The answer is the fugu gland, gained from the wumborian fugu. It makes simplemobs large and lets them destroy walls in one hit.

The person I talked to was having a UI issue. They needed to restart the game for it to work. You followed proper procedure and asked the questions I asked, so this one is correct.


Two things:

  1. get more well-rounded experience. I appreciate that you actually have 5+ hours in almost every role, which is usually what is annoying to me in another mentor apps. I wouldn’t usually vote positive otherwise. On the other hand, Xeno and Science is where people have questions, which is part of your repertoire of knowledge you need to build up.

  2. And in question 1, the initial text was just a preface to their actual question, make sure to tackle the part you think is the question rather than the threat. Even if you arent sure of the answer, you should make some digs into what it could be with some probing questions of your own, as theres usually at least one or two other mentors on who might knowand can help you

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