Midround bloodcult

basically latejoin/cultist awakening/midround bloodcult

Latejoin, a random person spawns as a bloodcultist with a narsie plushie in their bag and the usual cultist stuff
Cultist Awakening, a random person becomes a bloodcultist, and gets a spell that gives them a dagger, 10 runic metal, and a narsie plushie, usable only once
Midround, ghosts are polled, 2-4 people are selected, and they spawn somewhere in maints with tools and maint access, along with runic metal and dagger

They’d have to be rare as hell

I had considered this myself and came to the conclusion bloodcult is way too powerful and round-warping to be a midround (and I know “muh xenos muh nukies”) but with xenos you know exactly what you’re shooting at immediately and for lone ops you usually have that and that it’s only one person.
If this were in dynamic, it would be infinite yes, but as a random event, naaaah

Sounds doable if it comes with its own alert. Something about supernatural forces interfering with the station. The twist, of course, is that while this alert pops up for cult it could also pop up for other things - a wizard, magicarp (made by xeno or otherwise), sentient animals, or some funny new events like clown mobs or skeletons appearing.

This way the crew is right to suspect the worst (cult, wizard) but it might be nothing. It also makes hiding harder.

if it comes with an alert then blood is useless doesnt matter if it has other alternatives people will valid hunt it

This is not a bad thing. Unironically just get good. All you have to do is put your cult gear in a hidden place, wait for 5 minutes, then start doing things after the alert has been forgotten.

Protip put your gear next to your runes in maint and use flash/stun/cuffs to capture people. No risk aside from witnesses. They can’t search your spells.

like they arent going to force feed you holy water and hunt maint for the entire round, you really think bee players are decent?

I have never heard of Nar’sie bloodcult sleeper agents, can you explain in what way it would fit IC story?

Nar’sies spirit grows due to another station being converted, letting his spirit enter the realm and infect the weak minded, taken them to do his bidding

in that case, everyone mindshielded should be exempt from the “weak minded” description

in any case as other people have already said, blood cult is no joke they are equivelant to xenomorphs or nuke ops, they wouldn’t work as midround antagonist well since it takes time for them to actually grow and develop

bump because imo its on the same level as xenos. Send a alert after a bit, something along the lines of
{Long range scanners have detected a pulse in eldritch energy. Advising departmental searches}.
There’s already a bunch of round ending midrounds, lone op, blob, xenos, {Meteors}

Something along these lines would probably work but the main problem I see is security feeding everyone holy water and mindshielding the moment they hear the alert.

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Could have the alert trigger for other things, like magicarps or a midround wiz