Midnight’s Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Midnight0gamer

Your Discord: midnight0gamer#2467

How long have you been playing ss13?: I have played Bee for 262 hours and I would say CM13 for like 50ish.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I don’t really know I tend to stick to myself. I don’t know who even knows me.

Game Experience (More Detailed):
Ok let’s get this started with my knowledge about science.
R&D: 9-10
R&D is probably one if not the easiest job for science, but I bet there are some things I don’t know about so you never know.
Robotics: 9
I can literally build mechs and do surgery with my eyes closed. This one is very easy to learn and play. I do have a tendency to forget a step tho while building but most of the time I’m good.
Toxins: 3
Now this I have no clue how to do. This stuff is like witchcraft to me. In all my attempts in learning how to do so shit hits the fan before I can do anything. I would like to learn this tho.
Xenobiology: 8
This stuff I got down to a science. I know how to make myself perfectly self sufficient and to become god with xenobio. But I again don’t know everything and I’m not a min max god in Xeno.
Nanites: 6
While I can program some basic healing nanites I can’t make those voice activated insta healing nanites I have seen before.

Engineer: 7
I know about everything for engineer, but the one problem I have is the SM. I can set it up but I have a tendency to forget to turn the left filter (the square filter on the outside) on but that’s it.
Atmos: 5
So I know proper pipe placement and removal. I don’t know how to create a death murder mix or how to produce boatloads of trinium.

Medical Doctor: 10
I basically know what you need to know to save a person in a pinch. And what to do and what not to do. In the long run it’s just slap brute patch until they are ok. (In all honesty that’s ain’t the best idea for everything)
Chemist: 8
I can probably make a super drug within 5 minutes or a grenade that will kill everyone in a five tile radius.
Genetics: 7
I’ll give myself a 7 just because while genetics looks complicated it’s really easy to understand if you can remember the proper DNA sequences.
Viro: 7
Viro like genetics looks scary but it’s just praying to rng to get good symptoms and to remove bad ones.
This is just doctor with benefits

Anything but botany: 9
To be honest everything is really easy to learn I know basically everything except recipes and mixes.
Botany: 6
I can do botany but I have a hard time getting the good sized super healing plants so that is something I need to learn.

To be honest these are one of the most dirt easy jobs there are (except mining but we won’t get into that). Cargo tech is just steal crates and stamp papers. Lawyer has no use so I don’t play it. Assistant is well assistant. Shaft miner is just mine rock and kill fauna.

I don’t touch sec for the life of me.

I know my way around the interface and the laws, but I do find AI stressful at time so I rarely play it.

And that’s all I can think of. I would like to hear some feed back and the such from the people.

+1 Well known player seems like a good player to me.

Probably don’t have a say in this but he seems to have effort into this app and knows quiet mutch about the game. We have also seen some new players join the server so more mentors would be helpfull. If I could I’d +1!

Thank you for the kind words.

After 22 hours we have +1

I thought I had voted this, honestly.

+2. You’re active and ya know stuff. Though I’d like you to also learn some basic sec stuff.

Well I am familiar with sec but I rarely touch it I find it not to my liking. I know how to play, but Im not the super into sec. hence the lack of knowledge on sec. But if you need me to learn some more I’ll play some sec.

Honestly thought I’d voted on this too. +2, you seem to be really active and you have most of the essential knowledge.

+5 Now thank you all for the feed back and kind words.
Now if I can get all of the admemes’ votes I can summon Qwerty and challenge him for head programmerhood. After that I can challenge Crossed for owner ship of the server over a game of

Tik Tac Toe

(How do I make text large actually good Segway where can I find the stuff to do that)

+1 forgot to press the reply button

I feel that this is worthy enough of my +2 vote, We do need active members of the community to guide the extremely new people and slightly more experienced people with certain questions.

+2 Knows the game mechanics and can help the new new players that way.

+infinity if you learn atmos

Hey Moccha since you are a admeme now can I pretty pweese get a +2. If you do I’ll throw in a free Whiteship with fucking spiders and syndicate salvage teams.

+1.9 i know you have alot of experience also no +2 because you asked.

Damn well that ship was rigged with over 300 pounds of plastic explosives.
explosion off in the distance

hah, as if chem would ever make that much plastic for you

So am I Gucci now

Accepting this at +11.9

Because Moccha is a boomer that kept his +0.1 in his pocket. Greedy cat.