Melee buff, not rework

7 unarmed
13 everything else that would more than nothing
15 heavy objects /sharp objects such as o2 tanks, fire extinguishers
17 dangerous/ robust/ such as toolboxes, kitchen knives, shanks, lit welders, circular saw, cult knife
20 syndicate toolbox, other items that should do a little more (cleavers, hatchets)
20 combat knives
30 Swords, dedicated melee
15/30 Axe/Hammer/Pickaxe (replace the pickaxes in the gulag with compact pickaxes)
15/20 spear 30 when thrown

cleavers and hatchets can be thrown for 30

15 damage 40 armor pen compact pickaxe

60 armor pen pickaxe, 70 armor pen fire axe

40 armor pen for plasma spears.

add a push effect when hitting with a shield.

30 damage 90 armor pen chainsaws.

this is all in order

Jamming combat knives in with other “deathful” items makes this a lot closer to how things were.

the armor penetration on something on the station is a utility fix. there is nothing on the station right now to deal with a consistant armored threat. its to help broaden the game a little. it would be pretty.

For the love of god please stop this madness

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Please nobody but you thinks this is a good idea so just stop. We need no rework melle is fine as it is. The damage is what it is so that pepole have a chance to call out that they are being attacked before they die. And the game shold not revolve around armour as it should be a special thing not just something you can throw on in a cuple of minutes. So there is no Reson for more armour piercing weapons as armour should be valuable not something that can circumvented with normal tools.
And these number will also remove the variation with weapons that all do diferent damage decided by rarity and other atributes. So making that damage flat removes some variety and makes multiple weapons overpowerd.

Dont make a new thread to avoid locks