Megaddd Moderator report

Megaddd Moderator report

CKEY: Blackwolf602

Offender’s CKEY: Megaddd

Date (05/10/2022)

Round Number: 38010

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): I disagree with the moderators ruling and would like an admin to go over the situation as well punishment for the HOS shitsecness

Incident Description: Situation started when the hos killed a player controlled Pug for “Resisting”, this lead to another player who was with pug when hos killed them, Has-No-Pigment. so they came back and i wanted to hold a protest against the hos but i went ssd for a bit. Has-No-Pigment begin protesting and was beaten up and left handcuffed by security were they had to have it removed by me in medbay after they were released. a bit after we meet back at security and began protesting where the hos came up said “hey can you hold this” flashbanged us after we called them dog killer and shitsec. Has-No-Pigment shoved them around and I believed punched them so they got arrested. I continued on waving signs and protesting where I’m saying things like “Join the protest against pugsly killer hos, and their abuse towards the crew” the hos responded to another officer saying “I need you to make someone cry on the forums like the little bitch they are”. The officer tells me to soo while another tells me to fuck off or get bola’d. the first officer then walk out the room, flashbanging me before arresting me for a Minor Crime. Hos then sends me off to the gulag where my other protestor, Has-No-Pigment has been mining. despite me not committing any other “crimes” that would warrent being gulaged. Me and the other managed to get enough points to leave.

Additional Information: I was given a note that I wished removed aswell “as HoS - Informed to scale brig punishments based on the crime comitted as shown in the Space Law crime table.”


Yep. Certified moderator moment here. I had too much stuff up and noted the wrong person.


I was given a note that I wished removed aswell



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Closed on error.

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