[Megaddd] Admin Report

In-game misconduct:


Your Discord:Ultra#2711

Offender’s CKEY:Megaddd

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):N/A

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):12-02-2022

Round Number:41597

Rules Broken (if relevant): 6,7

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): “Notes are a form of record, not a punishment. Notes should be issued to document any incidents of breaking rules that did not result in bans.”

Incident Description: Disatisfied with the note. I believe I had good reason to do the following. A security officer was distributing flashlights around departures by hand. As I had a gravity pusher that pushes things around, I used it on the pile before throwing a survival epi and a burn/brute patch at the officer as sorry. Promptly stun batoning me, I told him to very politely suck my dick three times.

I believe I had good character motivation to act IC as I did, and in the ticket I assumed the issue was with simply telling him off using sexual profanities. I would wish my note be modified to reflect that I had IC motivation. I would wish my note be more accurate and note this, which I feel is misconduct.

Additional Information: Note in question: Note in question: “Last warning for being toxic fnr.”

I’m sorry to ask but what exactly is being reported here. That a note was made even though there shouldn’t have been a note?
This mostly just reads like a note appeal to me and not an admin report for misconduct.

I’d like you to explain a bit more what misconduct you are referring to here.

It’s ticket conduct. I was certain that when we talked we came to an agreement on that I was in IC right to do what I said and that I should cut down on sexual insults and insults in general. However the note doesn’t reflect that in “fnr” and I feel that this is just bad admin conduct instead of a ticket thing only

So the misconduct you are reporting would be that they lied to you in the ticket? Just trying to make it easier for llol to handle it here.

How he fills out notes. The notes are both innacurate to wrong. For the most recent, I wasn’t being toxic, rather having only four lines of capitlised text with IC reason making a single trans-racial joke at my own characters expense and no toxicity to other people on the station. They’re all unfair and I would like them to be corrected before someone looks at them without the context and assumes their worse than they are.

Can you get this done? I’d much rather be ignored in admin PMs over the forumn staff report section. Scub.

I could yeah. But you would not like it.

Why? Because I was the seccoff in question who ahelped you.

I assigned the other headmin to this simply because I am involved and thus biased.
I can handle this obviously if you want me to.