Marius Feyweather player review

Ckey: Cymbus
In game: Marius Feyweather / C.A.T.O.

I play exclusively on sage.

You might remember me as the only bald cmo/capt on duty. Sometimes as a seccie
Tell me about your interactions with me, and how i play command roles.
Tell me how i do as the ocassional antag.

Tell me how bad i am.

You are a good captain. I have nothing else to say as i only know you as a captain.

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cringe validhunting sage captain


Best QM, regularly breaks physics to make money.

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Good lad, enjoy having you on the team.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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literally who

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Very based, literally the one who taught me bz farming as cargo tech, still remember the days when we would discuss how to break BZ farms further lol

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cringe validhunty mrp cap, Also, did you really think i would never forget the time you uploaded “Anyone who does not have their suit sensors max is not crew?”

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made some dummy moves, but a great CMO, and fun to work with

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O.B.E.Y. Nanostrasen

Yeah that Law was a big mistake, made sweeping changes in my ai lawset playbook.

I do not apologise for valid hunting as a captain. The job entails keeping the station and its crew safe since they cannot validhunt, and should i fail the situation they will be In Is irreproachable!

like what changes?

Play and find out.
I usually set the station name as ‘Flame of Nanostrasen’

Ps dont name it ‘holy bathwater manufacturing facility’. Its the fastest way to get servere traumas.

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Wait so Nanotrasen is intentionally misspelled?

Sometimes you do shit that I find to be not very cool, such as using sedatives that are toxic, or making pretty bad AI laws that doesn’t follow SOP.
At the same time, you are a fine CMO. I would give you a 6/10 (I only really see you working as CMO). you know medicine, unlike some CMOs I have seen in the past, and you don’t malpractice (still the toxic sedatives are a bit of an OOF). However, You don’t often communicate with your patients or staff which ends up leading to a lot of confusion so I’m docking a few points for that.
Still remember when the entire medical department called you Shitweather for the entire shift. Can’t say I have any Idea what happened that round.
TLDR; at least you can revive people and don’t OD them on healing meds

Usually the laws and sedatives come out when shit starts to fly and they have been very experimental previously and ive been fine tuning it.
Now the Ai law playbook is rewritten and the sulfonal dosage is diluted with pax and cryptobioblin so its not lethal.

The toxin you are refering to is sulfonal and i highly recommend it… because its effective in stopping shiiters. Why would i use copious amounts of morphine or chloral hydrate when 5u of sulfonal does the trick? Most doctors will be randomly firing morphine syringes to fuckall because they have not done much sedating of dangerous patients. And if they are dangerous enough to be sedated they are dangerous enough not to worry about that minuscule toxin damage which is easily sorted post mortem.

The communication fallout is just a part of command breakdown where i get shit like a 2nd cmo or virologist because the HOP doesnt know better or a virologist intentionally spreading diseases or a genetecist injecting negative mutations. The outcome usually ends with me demoting someone and that same person screaming the entire shift like a baby. Is it a shit move? Yes. But will it help medical overall? Of course!

Being called shitweather is a good alternative to a plague being released or a chemist going on a murderspree. Its an alternative i can accept because the other path is my men getting fucked by elements within my grasp. That very round i was given the moniker the viro was self-antag and chemist was a antag.

No i just misspell it. Because thats the name i remembered it. It rolls off the tongue a lot better!