Manateeb banned by reudiger4

CKEY: manateeb

Admin’s CKEY: ruediger4

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: golden

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: 4 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-11-11 17:16

Round ID: 8983

Ban Reason: Killed random crewmembers before the round ended. Disconnected before bwoink was possible.

Appeal Reason: So I’m a little short on information because it’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to play ss13 and at the time I left, I most certainly wasn’t trying to avoid admin confrontation, my girlfriend had been asking me to help make dinner since midway through the round so the moment it officially ended I hopped off to help out; at the time, I wasn’t expecting a bwoink at all because the person I just had killed wasn’t at all random and the logs would’ve shown that the Warden participating too. If memory serves me correctly, this would’ve been the round ruediger made a 4 way vote on what unique antag it should be and Xeno won.

Halfway through the round the Xeno queen reveals itself in the maint area next to sec and all hell breaks loose in the department, resulting in a few prisoners, one of which was an individual who had been reported over the radio using a fireaxe to assault people, to escape. When said prisoner was apprehended beforehand I made sure to take the fireaxe and lock it up in the sec lockers.

When the department starts scrambling to deal with the queen said prisoner slips loose and gets his fireaxe back, I let the warden know and he says worry about the xeno instead-- at this point he’s not attacking anyone and seems to be dealing with the xeno threat too, so no biggie I leave him alone. We eventually find ourselves trapped via plasma flood in the sec area around the time the shuttle docks and they immediately leave 10 seconds after it got there, leaving the rest of us stranded. The round’s got 2 minutes left and the few remaining are just kind of shuffling up and down the hallway, including the same prisoner who I still pay no mind to, until about 30 seconds before the round ends when he pushes me up against a wall and gets a single disarm attempt in, I was kind of half AFK at the time but started to run around to avoid him and I look in the chat to find something to the effect of “You restore your grip on the combat shotgun”, so it’s not hard for me to conclude that the person who was supposed to still be in jail all along (iirc, he was getting perma’d as a known antag who attacked a few that round and was lurking as an “Unknown” in maint with a fireaxe) got ballsy again, tried to take my shotgun to kill both me and the Warden next to me, and instead got both of us unloading buckshot on him as he ran down into the plasma flood and burnt to death as we both ran out of ammo.

At this point, the round promptly ends and I leave to deal with the real life responsibilities that I’d been neglecting. Didn’t really figure dude was gonna get so salty that he would ahelp because, as the logs should’ve shown, he made the random attempt to disarm me when I had a shotgun out, and any member of sec (warden especially) at the time could’ve confirmed that he was a former prisoner who was nervously being watched as circumstances changed. Should’ve probably re-arrested him once the queen was dead, but I guess that’s what I get for giving dude a chance.

Additional Information: Round was 2 days ago, pretty high-pop time when there was a 4 way vote right before the round, I remember the only two that were being voted for were extended and Xeno; should be plenty of sec members that round that could vouch for the brig situation. Also the ban reason cites killed “crewmember(s)” but this was the only kill I made that round, every other criminal I dealt with using a flash.

Editing it to make it more readable.

Aye,just looked into it.

Logs love to not show the part where a shove loosens your grip on a gun, so it looked like you just pulled out the shotgun and filled the guy with lead. He played a dumb game and won a dumb prize.