Make sure the detective’s office spawns with all equipment

So, IIRC, Corg and Fland do not spawn in a detectives camera and tape recorder in the detective’s office. This is kinda annoying, as all other maps give the det this equipment. I’m aware that you can go to cargo and order a forensics crate, but, this is inconvenient.


New fland does, but i don’t remember adding it so i think old fland also had it

all maps spawn with all the kit except for two:

Kilo, which has no detective camera (you have to bumrush the shmuck normal camera in the art storage)

and Corg, which gives you 0 CSI tools in favour of giving you what I call the ‘validhunter special’ loadout, which is two sechuds and a spare baton so you can hunt all the valids.

As far as I know, both of these offices are getting updated with their respective brig overhauls.

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Kilo has recently been updated and we barely touched the detectives office, so chances are it is still the same.

I made sure that Xeon gave us a camera… :wink:

And he even added a red folder and holobarrier projector!

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You can print out a camera (and film) at the autolatge.

det has a special camera with double capacity. It’s a small thing, but it’s there.

Print a spare film canister?

triple the capacity, actually

Print 2 cannisters

it takes up 3x the space and doesnt have a cool name