Make Law-restrained, AI-linked IPC frames creatable in robotics

Fair enough, I’ll drop it the idea.


We need more of them and more use for them


I, however, absolutely love mechs. And don’t mine being one. I actually love it. As an IPC that’s my go-to sometimes!


I enjoy having a spare Odysseus next to me in case a Positronic Brain wants to use it. Same with other mechs. Wish there were more options for them!

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Large part of me feels like having an expansion of variety would also be a good justification for simplifying their construction abit or making the process less opaque.

Most of the things you do in game should have tools or resources in game that make it semi-clear what their purpose is or how it’s suposed to be used, alot of them do which is good but some critical things like Mechs in assembly as the worst culprit often necessitate having the wiki page or your own note pad open to get done.

While there are innocuous things like cooking and some really hidden depth mechanics like ghetto chem and surgery are fine to have a wiki page rather than an in-game “examine” tool-tip but come on, I can’t be the only person who thinks that some aspects are obtuse in their reliance on the wiki.

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True though! It is a pain to memorize.