Make it so the pirate ship can only be controlled by the captain

Alongside what the title says, I think the 3 pirates should spawn as normal pirates and one of them (the first one to take the ID) becomes the Captain.

It would make the job more reliant on the Captain and force the group to act as a team instead of running off everywhere.

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Sometimes not everyone picks pirate and the cap is the last to spawn. Not a great idea.

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The problem would be solved

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people would fight for that ID. i don’t think this would be a good solution. And to be honest this almost never is an issue.

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is this related to the round i got bwoinked in yesterday ?

I rolled pirate yesterday with a pirate captain who ignored every advice i gave with “i’m a captain i don’t care”, proceeded to launch the ship while i said i wasn’t ready, landed us 20 tiles away from the station with no jetpacks & no actual useful plan other than “charge in” & told us we’d just do it his way because he’s the captain and we don’t get to choose

I told cap that, if he really wants to do this plan, then i’d just wait on the ship to defend it from borgs/mechs/spessmen while they assault the station,
Because, no, i don’t want to barge into a suicide plan solely for a guy who ignored every single thing I said.
The other pirate was also totally unconvinced by cap’s stuff but went along anyways.

Cap proceeded to instantly die (obviously, the crew was armed and ready for us), the other pirate forced to flee in the opposite direction of the ship (turns out it was parked too far for him to risk going towards it, but he was very robust and survived). Waited a fair bit just in case, kept hearing people circle around the ship and had to leave to retrieve the other pirate at a better, stealthier location - with whom i then proceeded to retrieve 2 other tots & steal shit from the lathes and attempt to get our green.

I then get bwoinked for “not being a good teammate” and “needing to act more in team” when said cap forcefully ignored everything told to him and imposed himself as a leader with 0 experience (which is fine) but NO care for any advice gave unto him. Thankfully, no note, because after explaining, admin agreed that, with the situation, no i wasn’t just betraying the cap to act on my own for no reason.

If you weren’t said cap, then this is even more proof that, no, pirate cap should not have exclusive access to the console.

Disregarding the obvious point that - if cap dies then this is the end of pirates. which is totally stupid.

Even nuke ops don’t have reliance on their captain, apart from just opening the bay doors. I don’t see why it’d be diff for pirates.


Hey there !

Never said that !

You told me to go for the service protolathe and I did ! Didn’t go too close because I had problems in the past from going too close.

You said none of that !

No, I actually proceeded to do my best and run away but turns out a lack of teammate hurts !

All your points you mentionned were valid but you barely communicated and when you did, you just shouted that my idea was bad bad bad.

A bit sad considering you had good ideas and I followed the service protolathe idea you gave.

[Edit] Now that I think about it, you mentionned “it’s at the opposite of where we are” when we arrived. Maybe there was a confusion?

Well no, since retrieving the corpse of the captain is still an option. Which will force people like me from rushing too much and force mates into defending their captain.

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If true then that captain deserved a note. That’s such poor sportsmanship in a team role.


I did, actually. You started flying us off while I wasn’t even done inventory managing, and said “yeah i’m staying here to defend”

The other pirate was with you, and it’s not that rare for pirates to leave someone behind on ship to protect it because it’s insanely easy to break & enter. At least, it used to be. Don’t know how good the new turrets are but at least they don’t seem to break in the span of 3 seconds.

Forcing the entire team of 2 people to suicide themselves into a crowd of spessmen solely because of the mistake of one person isn’t even something that happens in nuke ops. It’s definitely bad to separate in that gamemode, but no one gets punished if someone gets downed - that’s just part of the business and everything continues then.
You’re forced to fight the entire crew openly, with no way to hide who you are with everyone directly on the hunt, as if you were war ops.

I told you to land us close to station because we don’t have jetpacks, to watch out specifically because of that, to stick together & get someone to stay on ship to defend, to pack up milk & donk pockets, was planning to say more before you suddenly launched the ship while i shouted “NO WAIT”. I was trying to get you to slow down but you rushed out the door shotgun in hand.

You definitely mentioned explicitly that you were the captain and thus you get to choose something. Forgot if you said “strategy” or “landing position”. You then proceeded to rush out the door - i couldn’t do much but tell you to come back, or wait till the plan fails and you either run away or die while i defended the ship & tried to retrieve you later.

I want to put the emphasis on this :
No bad blood.
I was just severely annoyed to have been bwoinked solely because I didn’t want to die after feeling completely ignored, and seeing this thread resparked it a bit - I don’t want a new situation where i epically get stuck/bwoinked because I backed away and didn’t jump into a dangerous situation while a newer player rushed in and died.

Please understand in team roles that if someone doesn’t follow you, they’re not actively working against you/deserving of a note or ban. Even if you rolled the 1/3 chance to be pirate captain.

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Okay that’s my bad on something here. I tend to do ticket not for the person to receive a note or a ban or whatever but for the staff member to see if it’s something that happens a lot. Maybe it’s a missuse of tickets and if that’s the case, please let me know

I rushed because I and the other mate were ready. I launched expecting you would be prepared midflight since it’s not that fast. I did that because everytime I saw pirates not rush, they were pretty much punished in any way possible. No way of having something interesting. Not always the case, but I’m a paranoid fella. I was stocked on milk, that’s for sure, I just had an unlucky incident. Also, if I parked so far away it’s because :

The turrets are somewhat bad. If you are close to a window, people with laser guns can destroy the turrets while the turrets shit and dies.

Very good point, you aren’t wrong here. (idk if you know though, but deepfried items aren’t permanently deepfried anymore)

I recall us having this comedic moment where we were talking but the door kept interrupting us, probably the reason of our misunderstandings.

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Usually because they wait around with no plan and proceed to rush in through the front door with an eager crew. In this case, we were already too late - the cap had already weapons bought from cargo before the pirate announcement, and instantly opened armory and gave weapons to everyone. We had nothing to lose from waiting.

Okay but that’s why you land next to a wall lol

That probably played a part here, yes. However, i did say a fair few things and warnings asking you to reconsider and come back asap on ship.

In cases where it’s purely IC like this, it definitely feels EXTREMELY salty (just like this thread appeared to be to me), terrifying (nobody wants to get noted/banned over something dumb like this) & annoying - i had to stop everything to defend my case with the bwoinking admin.

You can’t misuse the ahelp system if it’s over a potential rule break, but here it was an IC issue with no rule break - i didn’t shoot you in the back for refusing to listen to me - and as spacegoat said, yeah, very poor sportsmanship.

anyways, unless there’s more to be said, to go back to the original point of the thread:

NO. Terrible idea which will make pirates suck even more than they already do.

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To be honest, the thread was for sure inspired by the events but in no way made with salt in mind. I just like to see other ways (be it good and bad ideas) an antag or gamemode can be played out.

But as you guys pointed out, this idea comes with a lot of problems

i like how this is just an passive aggressive argument forum

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