Make a computer in bridge that allows to manage all budget cards

I think it would make it more reasonable if it was possible to manage all of the budgets in the bridge. This way making paying pirates more frequent and using all of the budget ids, instead of having some of them laying in lockers on low pop.

This computer should only be accessible by the Captain (AA).

Why would making it easier for command to opt out of an antag spawning be a good change?


The problem that I’m suggesting to solve is to provide a tool that allows or improves the stations financing system making sure that all of the budget cards are available at a moments notice. Currently ,if a department doesn’t have a head, a budget card is pretty much frozen and the only thing it is doing is draining money from the profits. As a QM this hurts my heart, seeing all of that bounty money being used for nothing.

I’m not for preventing/reducing pirates spawn rate and this can be simply done by increasing the price to pay for the pirates to leave. As I think so is how it currently works?
I just provided an example case where this usually happens:

->the captain looks at the cargo budget
->Sees that he is short of 10k credits
->Announces that they will fight the pirates (Even though there’s like 60k credits laid over on other budget cards)

Mid-rounds are already a problem going gamer mode and you literally are a mid-round enjoyer. But this does feel like a poor direction to solving it. I’ve done what I can with a PR adding GPSs, a third Seccie hardsuit and mildly upgrading the gulag shuttle to allow Security to fight off Pirates.

It isn’t all that rare that you think. The time frame you have to paying them was actually increased not long ago.

I’d argue you should demand tribute for using the budget card. Require all heads of staff to pitch in with a justified amount of money from their budget cards. Especially Science as they get 50K from a maxcap in Toxins.

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Time to get the money together was increased not long ago. Sounds like a skill issue to me.

You’re suggestion is right and I’ve already have practiced it many times. The problem I see with that is if a pirate threat happens the Captain has a direct button to swoop out a certain amount of credits directly from the Cargo Budget (Clicks the Pay the fine and 20k goes out of the Cargo budget)

The only way to prevent this is to take out all of the funds which is possible, but feels like it should be done differently.

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Maybe of directy charging from the cargo budget card, paying the pirates should be done by placing the credits to a certain teleporter or the communications console itself.

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