Magos Zhokuv banned by Doktorwueue

Magos Zhokuv banned by Doktorwueue

Magos Zhokuv
Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Permanent, both servers
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
“The ban reason is: Tried to create a potassium-water grenade as a 2horu account but failed. suspected griefer.”
Appeal Reason:
I tried to create the grenades after encountering these clown monsters, (I do not know what the entities’ specific names were, only that they were clown themed and reported as hostile over radio), wishing to have something to deter them if I got attacked by them. However, as stated, I fail, accidentally blowing myself up. I was the only being harmed at all by the grenade, and the only place that was lightly breached was the plumbing room, with the rest of med bay unscathed. It was not my intention to grief, and the only harm done was a small breach in a low-traffic area that was quickly fixed. The only action that that could be perceived as grief was the singular mis-input that harmed l me, and only me.
Additional Information:

So, non-security roles really should be trying to avoid combat unless it’s absolutely necessary.
If a situation arises that requires that you need to defend yourself, explosives really aren’t the best due to the large potential for collateral damage and damage to the station itself.
Remember that this is a roleplaying server and unless you’re an antagonist or emergency situations arise, it wouldn’t make sense for a Chemist working in the Medbay to be making deadly weapons unless specifically asked to by the Head of Security or Captain, for instance.

Also, one last, minor thing: your CKEY is Magoszhokuv not Magos Zhokuv. Small thing, but it matters for looking up information.

Normally permanent bans are not appealable for at least one year, but this seems like more of a case of an “appeal on the forums” ban.
I’ll still ask though:

  • Have you been playing on any other servers?
  • What kind of character(s) do you like to play as?
  • What jobs are you interested in playing/learning?
  • Anime? Good or bad?

Best of luck with the rest of your appeal!

To answer your questions:

  1. I have mostly been playing on tg station
  2. As far as what kind of character I play, I don’t believe I have much of a set style
  3. Engineer, Atmos tech, roboticist, medical doctor, and cyborgs all are interesting to me
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When threat is announced over radio they had full right to make somethhing for self-defense, you dont need to be directly attacked when you know threat is present already.

Alright, sorry for the delay. Since most grief bans come with the asterisk “appeal on the forums if this is in error” I’m going to go ahead and accept this. Please make sure you are careful with explosives and other hazardous materials. If you happen to blow yourself to kingdom come then feel free to ahelp and explain what happened preemptively. It saves everyone (no pun intended) a lot of grief.