Maggot Player Feedback Thread- how am I doing?

If I’m Clown, my name is probably going to be different each time you see me, since I change it per each new gimmick. As non-clown, I play as Charlie Finger, a 78 year old man. Just look for the white-haired guy in a “darkblue” jumpsuit, and you’ll have found me. My AI name is O.R.I.O.N., changing it from “Mendeleev”, and my borg name is "Powder Blue Tuxedo.

Any thoughts?

Recent gimmicks (on bee):

“Your AD here” (Clown)

“Jim Johnson’s Johnson Jims” (Clown)

Possible upcoming gimmicks:

“Clown that eats the fucking walls”

“Clown that throws things at you”

“Stab the Clown” (Part 2)

“The Sultan of Insultin’”


I was doing the advertisement clown and got bwoinked for it several times.

I’m glad you’re back Maggot you’re what the “gamers” call “bassed” which means good

Drink Glowcola

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As funny as the advertisement clown gimmick was, I don’t think it was very immersive RP wise since you were mostly spewing real-world ads. It would’ve been a lot funnier if you were say advertising donk-pockets or shadycigs, but nonetheless your gimmicks are creative even though I give you hate for them.


I remember “Jim Johnson’s Johnson Jims”, I bought like 5 jimmies and lost one.

Jimmy/10, would overpay again


Never stop being the clown(s) we need.

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ate brig walls while all of sec was busy trying to stop cult
i arrested him for 3 minutes
it was not very effective
continued eating walls after i got sharded
nobody can stop him

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I was actually a cult member during this and I successfully distracted multiple seccies and even the cap long enough that several culties could ambush him in the practice range


Baste and clownpilled.

Should have done in game ads for Donk pocket and such because I think that would be way funnier.

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He ate the walls. 10/10, but on a serious note, how did they taste?

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much like a donk pocket, walls are full of people

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Kid named finger:


You are a good N’wah, fun to play with.


You are not part of the mortal realm anymore

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