Maggot Guy Mentor App 3: I have to pee

Your CKEY: The Maggot Guy

Your Discord: themaggotguy

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since 2020.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I spend a lot of time in #questions on the discord looking at questions and asking my own, I also recently preformed a species transplant on (I think it was Axel) who recently became mentor too, so unless I got the name wrong he can probably vouch for me as well.

Game Experience (More Detailed): I’ve been playing for years and I know a lot of things other players don’t, like how to make doors honk as clown, or how to fix someone who has been dehumaned. Lately I mostly main CMO or med and Captain because of it. I have over 660 living hours on Beestation alone, and at least a few hundred more across other TG code servers, and I haven’t gotten a ban or a negative note for quite a while now.

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Could you post your full hours? (OOC tab > View tracked playtime)

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Haha, I took the screenshot of it and everything and forgot to upload! Here, updating it now

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Alright, have some questions then:
1 - How can I make plants that inject meth on people who step on them?
2 - Am I allowed to maxcap the bridge to kill the visiting CentCom official?
3 - How do I prevent the SM from just catching fire and not stopping no matter what I try?
4 - What’s the most powerful explosive reagent I can make?

Years ago botany refused to grow me veggies as cook and I’ve refused to learn botany since, but if I had to guess it probably has something to do with injecting meth into a plant at a certain point and getting that plant to have the spiky (inject chems) trait.

That one’s an admin question, I heard someone mention you can escalate it to an ahelp now which is nice.

I’m embarrassed to say this but I forgot that “how do I SM” is the most common question you get, and I haven’t looked at actually setting up the SM for ages. I’m the guy asking the question here

I’ve never made a maxcap, but I think those are gasses. Honestly depends on what the person is trying to do. If they just want into a place thermite is better, if they want to destroy things a hellmix nade of fluro acid and the burny stuff would be best, if you hate the AI you could just make a massive EMP, and if you just want a big explosion you’d be better off just making several, much easier pot water nades and using those. Also apparently Holy Water Potassium nades are bigger and affect unholy things a lot more which is cool.

Yep, well caught

Might wanna brush up on the SM then, it’s kind of broken right now and needs some special stuff for it not to have a bullshit delam

This is a good answer.

Overall, this is decent, but you might wanna brush up on some bee-specific mechanics since you’ve been away for a while. I’ll go with a +0.5 .

T = +0.5

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Here are my questions:

1-) How do I plasmaflood the whole station quickly?
2-) Why do i walk slow?
3-) Where can i find foundation pens?
4-) There is a blob in lavaland, how can i kill it?
5-) I am a free golem. Can i build teleporter to the station to travel in between?

(I’m honestly not super familiar with plasmaflooding because it’s grief basically everywhere but TG, BUT) I believe you trace the plasma pipe to the station’s air and set it to max or straightpipe it to the air supply. I would mention that plasmaflooding is usually griefing, but if I’m remembering right you strictly cannot handle anything rules related, even as much as that. Cycling the air on the station via the air monitors will speed it up. If you have an emag you can emag the doors AND FIRE ALARMS to the holodeck and click airburn test to turn the air into fire.

I’d get to them to check their mood and if they’re set to walk, or if they’re hurt or have a quirk that affects the first two things, then explain the system that was affecting them. Or if it’s a bola or bear trap I’d tell them to click resist like how they got off the shuttle.

I believe curator and lawyer have them, so check with the lawyer and curator if they’ll let you have theirs or buy one from their vendor if their vendor has spares.

(After determining it’s actually a blob and not like a virus symptom or a single spore:) (Blobs are rare enough I don’t usually fight them BUT) Your best bet is probably going to be making everyone else aware there’s a blob and getting help that way. If you’re alone, you should look at the wiki page for blobs because there are several types with different abilities and weaknesses, but the most common strategy I’ve found is setting up a laser emitter (stationary laser gun) as found in engineering or printed at an autolathe and carving a hole (or three) to its heart. Manage your health because it can make player controlled spores that ride your corpse like ratatoulie.

Rules issue, escalate to admin (I also don’t know this one)

We didn’t forget about this app, apologies for the delay.
We are currently discussing it.


Hey, so after conversing with other seniors, the general consensus is that this app was made too early.

You’ve come of your perma ban 40 days ago, we’d like to see you stay within our rules for more time before you ask to be considered for a staff position.

The joke in the title also didn’t help your case in that it doesn’t give us confidence that you’d keep your good behaviour once staff.

You’re free to reapply after some months have passed without incidents on your record, we’ll be happy to reconsider things then.